Meant to Be @ the Ie8 Run

I had no plans of joining this race as (1) my regular race buddy Michie won’t be in town, (2) my friends fran, dar, josie, joan all said no, (3) i’m a mozilla firefox user (kiddin’! this has no bearing).

It was the morning of may 24, i brought my sister to the airport @ 5:30 am so I did not register for any race for that sunday.  Too bad, I had to pass by 2 race on the way.  There was one right outside j.vargas outside our village’s gate, then the one in mckinley.  I can hear my shoes at the trunk of my car shouting ” I should have been there”.

My sister got to the airport on time ( a little late as she said I was driving so slow), then I have to bring my sister to UP.  She has an 8am appointment to pick up her car from the shop.

I knew I would come across the Runnex race…poor shoes…I can hear her shouting again.  (buti na lang our route doesn’t take us to clark)

So we had breakfast at Roddicks…the yummie tapa!  (got to take advantage of the rare times we’re in UP to eat here).  My mother was hesitant to eat until my sister said….I”ve been eating breakfast here for years in college, and I’m still fine and its just P20 (J!)

We decided to kill time walking around the UP oval track, so I changed to my running shoes.  My mother changed to her flip flops…Mimi bought newspaper to read.

After two rounds while listening to Runnex awarding ( I could have been there-J!), I decided to stop.  Its not a good idea to eat that full meal from Roddicks and run.  So i decided to walk and then there’s the Ie8 registration booth.  I am not sure what gets into me (it could be my feeling of being deprived seeing 3 runs while fulfilling my “nice sister” role driving around), I registered not knowing who will be with me.  Then I signed up for 8 miles when my longest race record was two weeks ago for 10k.

I better start training…or better start praying that I’ll survive this race.

I tried convincing my friends to join but to no avail….hmmm… I haven’t asked Jopeng…but his phone can not be reached.  So I texted him.  The following morning, he replied and confirmed.

And so I’m really joining, updated my FB status.  Then Maita got curious…now I have more buddies.  (of course, Mimi has to join to support Maita on her first fun run!).  So, I have two friends running 2miles with me.  And Jopeng running 8 miles.

Friday afternoon, Jobaqs posted on my FB post, confirming he is running.  This is it! I’m doing the 8 miles with two brothers from the SOW. I have running buddies na, I have prayer warriors pa! hahaha….

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