Running in the Rain @ the Ie8 Run

It was raining hard on Saturday and I am already getting disappointed on a possible cancellation of the Ie8 Run. Upon reaching our house, I immediately checked and it says: 5am-cloudy, 6am-thunderstorms, 7am-thunderstorms, 8am-cloudy. Arggh, this can’t be true!

I woke up at 3:45 am and I can hear the rain…No, it will push thru “Rain or Shine”.   And my sister said, Addict!  I just said, Yeah! Wake up and let’s go!

Upon reaching the venue, I could see only a few people.  But we went near the check in point, Whoa! They are seriously running. Maita arrived and I just so love her outfit.  (I wish I have a camera.)  Pretty pink Stella McCartney designed Adidas jacket and running tights, a cap, Nike singlet.  Best in costume!  There goes the fashionista in me.

Jopeng arrived just in time for check in.  I felt really nervous as I checked in with Jopeng. I can see real hardcore runners. It was only Coach Rio I really knew by name but I could say from their built and get up. I told Jopeng “What am I doing here?” …

We joined Jobaqs and another bro from the SOW, told him”di bale, 20 lang yata kai na female so top 20 ako…hahaha”.

After a few warm up exercises, last 10 minutes and its a go!

The two run ahead of us at the start while Jopeng joined me till about half of the flyover.  I asked him to go ahead as I can feel the need for me to slowdown and my jacket is bothering me ( I got to fix it). I walked for a minute to recover. I guess I overstretched myself trying to pace with Jopeng, my right shins is in pain. After a minute or two, I started to run again..

Running by myself now, I was just enjoying the drizzle and the puddles (not even avoiding them) before I realized it was a bad idea to get my shoes that wet. It was all wet going back.

The water stations were located where I needed it :-). I was looking forward to a gatorade or a sports drink but there was none. Those people at the water stations were so bubbly, it was enough to cheer me up. (I was running by myself).

Entering the 26th street, I have no idea what time it was when I reached 26th street,  I feel like its almost two hours.  (I was hoping I would finish at 1:30).   NOW,  I can see the finish line! Yipee! I survived! I looked at the clock and it says 1:38. Yey!!! not bad. 🙂

Before the race, I promised myself, I will buy that Nike Hydration Belt if I finish my first 8mi without injury. But I guess I need a second running shoes first  (its still wet till now).

As I walk around looking around, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling thinking how the Lord blessed me for this race. I asked for a running buddy for the 8mi, I got 3! I asked for friends who would join me, Maita had her first run . I prayed that I’ll finish the race at least, I was blessed with a finish time that would inspire me to run more.

It was a good race!!! A good race in the rain.

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