Deprived of Mizuno Run…a blessing in disguise

I did not register for the mizuno run….(haven’t run for a week and all my running buddies are not available for this weekend).

So on Saturday night, I have my mind set to wake up early and run in UP. I was thinking of joining the Runnex Clinic. I learned about them while browsing random blogsites.

At 9pm, I was ready to go to bed while watching “NNNN” (the gag show of Angelica P and Jayson as Kris Aquino and Boy ABunda). I called Anne to check if there’s any night cap and then tried my luck and asked Anne
if they wanna join me run at UP on Sunday am at 5:30. She negotiated for Fort and that I’ll drive. Fine, no problem with that! She said she’ll ask the gang…and after a few minutes. “Yes, but don’t be late. Have to be home by 9am”. Yey! 🙂 Running is good, but its best if its with friends….(cross fingers, at least one of them might end up addicted like me).

So at 5:45 am, we’re all set. Reached The Fort before 6am and started to run. We reached 26th street, just in time for the take off of the 5k runners. Too bad, we don’t have our cameras ready.


Warming Up

Warming Up







I regret not joining this race, moreso, afer reading about this post by The Bull Runner Surprise! Mizuno Time Trials on 01.10.10.

Oh well, they say, there’s a reason for everything. It was a good Sunday morning anyway. First, this is the first time I went out early morning for a fitness related activity with my friends for more than two decades. Second, I got to convince them to run this Sunday at the PTAA Run in UP. I will do 10k with my regular buddy Michi, a friend from the community. (Hoping Bert and Jopeng can join also). I will register my friends for a 3k or 5k also. Good start! Soon, they might be regulars also (cross fingers). We capped the morning with a breakfast at Paul Calvin’s Deli until its time to go home for the Sunday mass.

breakfast at paul calvins


This chicken is so good! too bad, i can't eat this. full full


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