my independence day…

it was a lazy friday, nothing on my schedule, an independence day indeed! Spent the morning on the internet till its time to leave to meet aileen and resa @ BHS for the usual coffee-chat-shop-dinner-chat-coffee. i’m sure aileen would have stories about her new gadget while resa about gensan (endless gensan). so, i was ready to play the role of listener again. i was about to leave when mimi asked me to wait for her. she booked the two of us for free facial @ VMV, so I patiently waited for her. when we reached high street, aileen and resa were on shopping mode already.

we decided to wait for them @ bo’s coffee & from there, i can see the Runnr store which opened on the same day. I wanna go and check out but my sister is not up to it. hmmm i wish resa arrives soon so she can go with me. after about 30 minutes of waiting at bo’s, yipee! my high school bestees, vero, rhea and donna are in high street. vero is buying a rubber shoes. yey! i can go to runnr!



So excited to try the Footprint Scan and High-Speed Video Gait Analysis!


There were about four people lined up to check out the new equipment, Vero and I patiently waited while Rhea and Donna went out to shop.

Vero was asked to run on the treadmill so the Professional High-Speed Video Gait analysis system can determine her gait characteristics. She is an overpronator at 188. They checked on her foot morphology using the Runnr Podoscope, which uses two combined features: a themodynamic scanning system for viewing the foot print and direct measurement of foot and arch dimensions which determine foot type.

run vero, run!

run vero, run!


They recommended a shoe with structured cushioning, so after several trials – the winner is Asics Gel Kayano !!!

Not until I started running, buying shoes for me was merely about color and what looks good in the mirror :-). Now, its more complicated. (but it makes sense. wouldn’t care about looking good when you’re injured).

So excited for Vero! she will use this on her first 5K this Sunday.

Toby:If you can play, display!

Toby:If you can play, display!

It was my turn to try and check what running shoes fits me…I don’t have any plans of buying yet, besides, I can’t wear it for this Sunday’s race if I get one. But after learning that I might be wearing the wrong shoes, I panicked and asked for my shoe size. Oh I knew it, they don’t have a size 5! Well, not meant….they promised to call me when they have my size and probably when the custom insole molding has arrived. Yey, I got to save first (and who said running is a cheap alternative for work out? big NO! hahaha )

vero (after spending P8K for her new running shoes) & me (yey! vero might be my running buddy soon)

vero (after spending P8K for her new running shoes) & me (yey! vero might be my running buddy soon)

Congrats to Runnr! Toby, thanks for bringing a new cutting edge runing store in the Philippines. (it was nice meeting you)….we’ll definitely come back! Check them out at

Resa and me with the new VMV finds on our face (Thanks Mimi for the makeup and for taking this pic!)

Resa and me with the new VMV finds on our face (Thanks Mimi for the makeup and for taking this pic!)

Day wasn’t over yet….went to meet Resa and Aileen then off to my free facial. Out of disappointment on not getting that new running shoes, I treated myself with a new press powder and lip and cheek tint from VMV-why not, its 25% off. (Wow, first time I learned that they are a locally manufactured brand!). Now, I will have more reasons to patronize them. They are located at BHS also and they have really friendly staff.

Happy independence day!

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