My New Baby

I love my running shoes. It’s a Christmas gift from my sister last year. At that time, my request was for her to get me something that’s either a light yellow or blue so I can easily match with whatever I am wearing for my runs.

Adidas Alexia

Adidas Alexia

A few months of running, I realized color doesn’t matter.  Running shoes is a more than color and style, as in more than that!

Three weeks before my first 21K I’ve decided to get myself a new running shoes. So I went to The Fort with Niki and Mimi. They went to VMV for facial, I went to Runnr. After a series of gait analysis and footprint scan and after trying on all the shoes that matches my foot type and my shoe size….I bought this one, just in time for coffee with Niki to cap his birthday R&R.  Imagine, we spent the same time for facial and shoe analysis!

Newton Women's Performance Stability Trainers-Motion

Newton Women's Performance Stability Trainers-Motion

I have to agree with some of Bald Runner’s review on the shoes. But he posted it a few days after my purchase (hayy). As BR Shared, I felt the same way too.  At some point though on the 16th kilometer of my first half marathon, I felt tightness on my calves. (it could be the shoes or could be my lack of preparation for such).

After a week or so though, I feel I have adjusted already with the shoes.

I just got disappointed last week when I was washing it seeing a few stitches on the sides already giving up. Its just on the aesthetics part of the shoes, but something priced as such should have been subjected to really good quality control. Jinoe’s review at mentioned about the poor workmanship of his Newtons

Newtons shoes are available at Runnr Store, Bldg B3 Bonifacio High Street, Taguig. Visit their website at If you are not buying Newtons, go visit them. I love going there and buying running gears, the staff are really nice and friendly. (Julius and hmmm forgot his name-the one wearing glasses).

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