Training with the Team Bald Runner

Other than LSD and race on weekends, the recommended training for me includes speed training, intervals, tempo, yasso…etc. etc.….I have been downloading several training plans but never really followed them (for a week or two maybe).

I knew I have to be with a group who really knows this craft. Google has been helpful defining each new running term for me but I guess I am just so lazy to process each one, the more I read, the more confused I get.

Months back, Bald Runner recommended I go and see Coach Titus for their trainings at ULTRA. He was in the US then and was chatting with him thru Facebook. But schedules never cleared for me on Tuesdays so it was not until the Tuesday, July 14 before my first 21K that I got started. From then on, Tuesdays have been sacred for me for my drills at Ultra with Team Bald Runner. (Errr I’ve missed some, probably about twice already).

Other than getting the right training, doing it right and doing it with a group, I also learn something new about running every meeting from Coach Titus and other members of Team Bald Runner.

I have to confess, I still am not strictly following the drills I have to follow on non-training days at Ultra. But hey, from my last 10K last mid June 2009, I already cut down seven minutes from my finish time. I’m aiming for a better PR for a 21K in September, so note to self: TRAIN!

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