Yes, I will half mary! And I did!

I coordinated our registration for Globe’s Run For Home last July 18. Michi, Jobaqs and Jopeng are all running half marathon.

That means, I’ll be by myself at the starting line for 10K. It took me weeks to decide if I will take the challenge to run a half mary or run 10K. I was praying someone else will join who can pace with me. Lo and behold! Jopeng texted that Kuya Raoul was joining. I took it as a confirmation and registered for my first 21K.

I planned to pace with Kuya Raoul. (it didn’t happen though, we didn’t see each other at the starting line so I ran by myself and I saw him a couple of xx minutes after me at the finish line)

My goal was to finish at less than 3 hours, at least 2:45. And I did! My firs 21K was done at 2:27. (2:30 official time) Not bad for a first time, they say. My competitive self says, yes, but I’ll aim for sub 2 next time. (okay, sub 2:15, that’s more realistic).

Kuya Raoul at the Finish Line

Kuya Raoul at the Finish Line


excess notes:

I had one day (my first day of training) of training with the Team Bald Runner before the race. Coach Titus asked me to run 5×400 with 2 minutes rest in between. I think I averaged 4:30(?). With my time, they gave me a moral booster that I could finish. They advised me to run at my pace. Probably finish at 1:18, the first 10K and run faster at the last 11K.

Gerald (or Elmer-i’m poor with names and they look alike,they’re brothers) told me to try bringing a gel or beans with me and take it at least 15 minutes after since I shared with them I get hungry at around 8k.

During the run, I reached 5 K at 28 min. I guess I was running faster than my pace for the first 3K (I was one of the last to check-in at the starting line so I had to run fast to catch up). I took the beans before 5K. (Hmmm, I’m almost at 10k and I’m not feeling hungry, no cramps, no side stitches. I guess the beans did it!)

My goal is to finish so I slowed down and reach 10k at 1:07. I started to slow down at the Buendia flyover where the runners of 10K are making a u-turn. I saw Dodgie (doing his first 10K), and then Bert appeared (doing 10k also). He paced with me at the flyover. Answered prayers! If not for him, I probably walked the flyover all the way down. I let him go ahead going down as I don’t want to lose my energy, I still have 8K to go.

Going towards Lawton Ave, the 5k runners are just so many and there are so many walkers as well, I started to feel like walking. At around 15k, one male runner was walking also and chatted with me. “Hey, we only have 6k to go. Its 3k going towards Bayani Road then going back.” So, we started to run again and paced with him. Thanks for the small chats. It encouraged me to push further.

At the turnaround I saw Bald Runner and Sen Pia who were way ahead, two of the inspiring runners in the community.

I saw Jopeng and Michi already on their way back…konti na lang daw (woooh but it was hilly!)

Seeing the last turning point, I couldn’t help but pray in thanksgiving. Now, this is really konti na lang, as in!

On the last water station, I grabbed one cup. I was planning to run all the way and run it faster at that time, but was surprised its a carbonated sports drink. I felt a little ill, felt like throwing up. Good thing, I was able to control it and psyched myself to forget it. At the last turn, I couldn’t believe it. I am going to finish and its sub 1:30 still in my watch. And I did! I really did! I really did! Yey! Yey!

(BTW, this post is a month and half late)

Naku, I remember, every 5K, I offered one prayer of things I would start doing more…(more time in prayers, in scriptures, in service)….have I been faithful after a month or so? Posting this in a blog reminds me again. I have finished my first 21k race but I am still running the race set before me, and I will persevere.

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