Sleepless in the Rain at Eco-dash

Looking at the race calendar, September is indeed a busy month for Running. And like the race calendar, this would probably be the busiest month for me. Work has been blessed with new accounts and its the production month for a project I am part of, a commemorative coffee table book.

Also, I registered for 21K in NB and I am aiming for a 2:15 PR (from a 2:27 in Run For Home-my first 21K). So, how do I fit in training scheds and all the demands of my other activities.

Somethings got to give? And its not running, its not work, its not the project. I have to give up my perception. Yes, I am not a superwoman. “I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me”

I decided to run at eco-dash 10K and rota-run again for 10K, set PR during this runs and run an extra 5k after each race. This will force me to train and squeeze in runs in my busy scheds.

For the last few days though, I’ve been going to bed at 2am, including Saturday night. It was unplanned but course of events required us to work till about 3am. I decided not to run and just show up to bessie (he registered for me and I promised to run with him).

After exactly an hour of sleep, I was up and rushing. At 515 am, I arrived at the parking and met up Bessie. I was in an uber slow motion mode, still yawning. Yet when I got inside the coral, all the laziness in my body disappeared.

I was planning to run slower than my pace. After the first 250m though, everything was back to my original plan. I was running at a consistent pace of 6 with no walk breaks. I tried to hydrate myself in each water station (i wonder if its still water or its the rain in those cups or a mixture of both). Approaching the Kalayaan flyover, I was so glad to see that I can still see the starting point of the faster runners. (of course, the podium finishers are probably changing and refreshing themselves already at the finish line).

I checked in at 59….a new PR. (My last personal best time was 1:04.) The rain and my lack of sleep combined works! *

*Rain kept me cool and spared me from additional energy loss from the sun’s heat. The lack of sleep made me run faster so I can go back to bed.

I thank God for the strength! Indeed, he is making me a superwoman.

At the last 100m, I said a short prayer. Lord, I offer this run for our project…Still a work in progress, but I Know God would put this into completion.

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