My disappointed GF305

I got my GF 305 about 3 weeks ago…which means I should have logged at least 75 k run (with an average weekly target of 25K )….As soon as I got it, blogged that this would make me run better.

For so, so many reasons, I have 10k total run logged in my garmin.

Sept 5 – Total of 5K at an average of 6:22/k pace

Sept 16-Total of 4.77K at an average of 6:59/k pace.

Not that I didn’t run, I did (probably about 60% of my weekly target) but I just seem to forget I have one. And that includes my race last Sunday where I finished at 59 min (My sub 60 goal for 2009-checked! way to go sub 50)

I can hear my GF 305 shout to me: dude, I’m meant for longer distance…use me please!!! (my two-5k logged in a span of 3 weeks is definitely an insult to its existence and its many functionalities)

So to my GF305-be patient with me okay…will hit the road later, yes, in a while, then this Sunday….and consistently the coming days.

CONSISTENCY – that would be my goal for the coming weeks. And my prayer for the coming weeks would include God’s protection of my running schedule.


I’ve changed a bit though. During my first weeks into running, I would always be conscious on how my tops and shorts, shoes and socks are matched. And would end up going home if I’ve packed the wrong tops with the wrong shorts. Last night, I found out that all my four tops in the car doesnt match my lone pair of shorts in my running gear box. Yet I did run, with a brown shorts, purple cotton tops, blue razor, no pony tails and yellow shoes. Big trade off for me, see, I’m really getting serious with my running.

Though, it probably contributed to my poor pace of 6:59. Conscious of my so unmatched attire. I could imagine Niki, my sister’s assistant designer raising his eyebrows on me.

7 replies

  1. better get the most out of it! 🙂 anyway, it seems you’re doing good in your runs, so you probably could improve even without it.

    i got mine less than a month ago & i’ve been using it 3-4x a week, for short or long runs. sayang eh! 🙂


  2. hehehe..i thought you are the one who is disappointed with your GF305. hey, don’t worry about your matching running apparel, just run! good luck & see you soon!


  3. hi bryan! thanks for dropping by. yes, i will. it’s a lot better though if i can track and compare (and that’s why i got my garmin) but i keep forgetting. i got to add more long runs too.


  4. Nice candid post, enjoyed reading it 🙂 You should start putting mileage on that pricey toy of yours haha. Hope to see you at one of the races. Good luck with training!


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