Running Empty and a Perfect Recharge

Thursday was reserved for a long run before Sunday’s NB 21K race.  Was glad that Jobaqs’ sched was free so I got company.

Started the day relaxed, drooling on my sisters’ good finds from her Guam trip.  Bags, Shoes, Watch…ohhh, so great a morning.  Just one meeting in the afternoon and I’m off to run.  After checking emails and several phone calls, all of a sudden, my destiny changed (yup, exag!).  I had to run to three meetings in 3 different places, ending in Makati without a car.  Thanks to my sis, I got to use her car for my Makati trip.  So from 12 noon, I went off running from one meeting to another, with my run at night in mind.  i said ‘no thanks, i’m good’  to all the food offered during my meetings (hoping it ends soon) but said yes to a sip of expensive wine.

Ending my last meeting at 5:30, I was expecting to arrive on time….and I was so so wrong! vehicular accidents, unexpected traffic, etc, me adjusting driving a sedan, etc, etc…whew! arrived at Ultra at past 8.  jobaqs is almost done…hayyy.  So I tried to join him in his cool down for 30minutes continuous running.

Great! I was maintaining a pace of 5:54-6:00 still.  At 2km, I realized, I got no water .  My last sip of water was about 4 hours ago and of liquid was a glass of wine at 5pm.  My last food intake was at lunch, Chinese food at the office.  My last relaxed mode was at 11am.

After 2km, I just had to stop. I know I can still push myself, but I know have to stop or else…………….

Got a perfect excuse, my friend Benette is already waiting for me at the resto to discuss some artworks for our project, then I packed!

Apparently, the night was planned for a surprise get-together pahabol dinner for me by my friends from our project.  Benette and Jobaqs were the perpetrators.  Congratulations guys! This is the first time I didn’t mess up plans for a surprise for me.  It was a good dinner, a bit of project brainstorming and good laughs…and the mere presence of bros and sis from the community was enough to put me back to relax mode.  Ended at 12 midnight.

It has been a busy birthday week for me, trying to juggle work demands, demands of a project and parties/dinner invitations for me, and my run schedule.  And it almost caused me to be totally empty of what I really needed, what I need to run better (for real and for reel):

  • A good and healthy and on time food intake
  • Proper mood for training – trying to squeeze it in, it has became a task to accomplish
  • Proper hydration

Good thing that moments like last night happened, enough to remind me of these things.  As I ended the day yesterday, I realized I didn’t even get to change my shirt (next time pls warn me of any surprises so I can retouch and I don’t smell)….and moreso, I realized I need to reflect on the words I heard during the mass on my bday

flashback…Hope, Pray and Don’t Worry.

And this will be my theme for this Sunday’s New Balance Run.  Its my second 21K race after Globe’s Run for Home.  And I will….

Hope – for a better PR

Pray – that I finish injury free

Worry Not – just run!

And lastly, I have two days left to ensure that I wont run empty.

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  1. Too bad that they cancelled it Tin, to the 29th. That’s alright, a lot more 21k’s to come in October, at least you’re in good shape already. Maintaining a sub-6 minute pace isn’t easy, you’ll do great!


  2. Yes, too bad but I guess it was a good call on their part….and too bad, I’m out of town on the 29th. I hope the date is not final yet.


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