A Year After c/o Caloy

It started with a simple facebook comment on Caloy’s FB status:an invite to join the October Botak Paa-Bilisan Road Race…”dude, new life?” (yep, running & night life can never be best friends)…after a few convincing from him, yada, yada…I joined my first 5-K Fun Run last October of 2008…..

Fast forward to 2009, I never really took running seriously, joining a few more 5Ks in the first quarter.  I had no real training, no goals; Iwas just running and enjoying it with friends.  Until Caloy, by mistake (or my mistake), registered me for a 10k-run in May. Time to get a little bit serious about it.

Now, a year and a month after my first 5-k run, I have already joined a couple of 10ks, an 8-mi, a 10-mi and  2-half marys.

And to celebrate my anniv in running, I joined the Botak 15K-race.  Too bad most of my running friends won’t be able to join.  So, I went there that morning by myself (…all by myself…don’t wanna be…okay, i’m late!).  I arrived a few minutes before the start.  Yay, my race bib is still with Caloy and he is ahmmm on the stage, hosting.

Just in time, I got my race bib, I checked in and off we go…..It was great to see Tere (el-capitana) at the 3rd-4th k.  We ran together, she wanna hit sub-60 while for me- I just wanna meet my milleage for the week.  At the back of my mind though, I wanna hit sub 1:30 to please my crazy coach( —- yup, same crazy coach Bards referred to in her blog).  I was just enjoying the run and was happy that I still feel strong throughout with no walk breaks, didn’t realize I am on my way back to the finish line and woahh 1:28:12.  Feels so great!!!

Okay, time for photo-ops…ooopss, wala pala akong friends na kasama.

Got my car keys from Caloy and headed home.

Two days after….Caloy sent a chat message —- You won Pxxx as 3rd place in your age category.  And he wasn’t joking….  Too bad I left early 😦

Wow! How’s that to cap a year of running.  Thanks Caloy for getting me into this thing!

P.s. as of this post, I haven’t seen the official race results published but I have confirmed clearly that we were more than three.  (apat kami haha….madami daw naman & I trust Caloy, afterall my race reg was free).

See you at the New Balance this Sunday!

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3 replies

  1. Congrats on your 3rd place finish of your age category! Wishing you more podium finishes as you improve your times!

    Take care!:-)


  2. tin,
    just as i said always crazy coach is only your guide. but in real world you still get the shot. thanks for being observant of your progress. keep it up and reap the fruit of your labor. run more. codura na.


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