One of the Boys at the Rolling Hills of Rizal

My non-running friends would always tell me I’m going crazy running a marathon….But since I have registered already and hmmm invested quite some time training for it, let’s do more crazy things at the last month before Condura.

TUESDAY had a 60-40 drill with Frank Indapan (of the Team BR).  I was asking for a bonus one round reduction but he didn’t give in.  He’s becoming our fave elite.  Congrats for the first and second and third place finish in Cebu to the Team BR!

FRIDAY I asked Coach for my drills for the day so I can start ahead.  200K-speed 200-rest. Target 45-50s. What? I’m trying to find excuses but didn’t come up with a good one.  Ended up doing it between 42-50s with Tere,Mark,etc…

SUNDAY I should be logging 35k run.  Randy invited me to join them in Bosoboso.  I am hesitant to join, since as of that time, I am the only confirmed female runner plus they are all soooo strong already.  With so many excuses, I find myself at Shell Marcos Hi-way at 430 am on Sunday.  And oh no, seven boys plus me.  (At least I got seven to carry me if I collapsed along the road).

By a little past 5am, we were driving to Bosoboso already.  We found a parking space near a farm, 1.5k from the main road along Antipolo-Tanay Road.

The first leg was 8k down, going towards the direction of Boso-Boso (turnaround at Wrigley’s plant) and 8 k back to our cars.    It was a hard first 4k for me as my body is not yet warmed up.  Randy and Jerry paced with me and was checking on me every minute, and even got me to practice using GU gel.

Back in our cars, we refilled our hydration belts, ate banana, cookies, fixed our hair (ako lang pala to, not the boys).

We ran another 15K.  7k going up towards Pinugay.  Lo ran with me during the second leg.  We lost view of them as we had to stop for CR break at a store on the road.  Thanks Manong!  Found them waiting for us at the turnaround point (about 3k from Foremost Farm).  It was sooo hot already at that time, good thing there are kind locals who shared their water drums with us.   There is Manong selling icecream on the road.  And free juice before the bridge (waiting for us c/o Jan).

Jerry told me before the start of our run – You need this for Condura…(the milleage plus running under the heat of the sun).  If you can finish this and you are still okay byMonday, then more or less, you are conditioned already.

Given that, I guess I am ready….three more crazy weeks to train…And pray hard!

The Boys

Running the last 5K which seems like forever...

Through thick or thin, we shall climb the hills-my running buddy Lo for the second leg of the run

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