a Podium Finish?!? feeling elite at the Assumption Run

Whenever I go home after a race or even LSDs on Sunday mornings, my mom would always ask me – “So, did you win?” And I would always say – “yeah, soonnn…”.  So, when I brought home my first 21k finishers medal (from QCIM), I proudly showed it and said —-” I won!”   But I guess my Mom was smart enough and asked me – Why is there no engraving of your place? Ah huh….

Last Sunday, I went home with a medal and it says “2nd Place – Women’s Category” .  Really, I was at second place! ….. all my sister said while looking at my medal was – Oh, it’s true? How come? (deep inside though, I know she’s proud of ate hahaha)

How Come?

The morning of Sunday should have been our last training run for Condura.  Running the 21k route of Assumption was the plan, plus probably 4k more.  We were not registered.  It is going to be a relaxed pace at 7min/k for us.

Before 5am, we were already gathered near the assembly area of Assumption and uhhh it was still so quiet, you can count the number of runners.  We registered!

At the starting line, there were only about thirty to fifty runners for 21K.  So I joked, top three na ko sa female!  But I won’t (My mind is not prepared to race this….i lack sleep…i might injure myself ….yadayada).

As I heard the gun fire, I had to run really fast as I was on the first lane.  So, this is how it feels, right?

I was running between 4:30-5:30 with Iah for the first kilometer to the 2nd until I decided to drop and keep it at 6.  Mark and AJ showed up and ran with me.  It was still kwento pace at 5:50 to 6 until we see a female runner in blue ahead of us at the 5th kilometer.  Even before Mark said, “tara unahan mo lang”, I was already into it.  So, I overtook her.  Mark would look back and say, “okay lang to, relax.  Malayo pa sumunod.”  And so we just maintained at 6 until we reach the first turnaround.

“First Female Runner” – the marshall said as she wrote down my number…..Really, huh! (can i get my medal na?)

A few hundred meters after turnaround though, I saw another female runner in white racer back top (exactly the same as what I was wearing)

At the eleventh kilometer, she overtook me. So, I ran faster overtook her, then she did it again and I did it again….until I saw her form —– “Ah, Mark, the legs are quite intimidating.  Let’s just stay behind. “….. and there she goes flying at the flyover — while I dropped to 6:14 pace while climbing it.

Downhill —- my favorite! I said, I got you at this.  But, Oh no! – it seems like its her favorite also.

“Second Female Runner” – the marshall announced and said – Malapit lang….hmmm

After the first flyover, on the way back – we changed the game plan.  This is supposed to be an LSD!?! – So, be it but let’s keep the second place.

As female runner and I met at the turnaround, the people around her said.  “Uy, yan na ang kalaban mo”.  hahaha…ganun pala feeling…We maintained a 6-6:30 pace back.  At this time, a brother from my prayer group- Matt, saw us and joined up, adding more fun to my feat for a podium finish.

Female runner was about 400 meters away at the last two kilometers.  I wanted to push it, I can but I know I shouldn’t.

So, we decided to just cool down at the last kilometer at 7min/k pace.  I already have the second place in the bag by then.  What more can I ask for?

At the finish line, cameras were flashing —- and they were not my friends! And so, yeah, I really won!

Tere and I always refer to ourselves as “Team Bald Runner- the wannabe version” (for there is an Elite Team who helps Coach titus oversee our speed trainings at the ULTRA).  For ONCE, I don’t feel like a wannabe — feels like an elite!

Thanks to my training Buddies from the bald runner team! It was a good Sunday run!…let’s start loving the intervals and the repetitions of Coach. Cheers to the Elite Team BR and to BR! (for once we felt how it is to be in your shoes at the races).

top 3 female finishers for 21K

with the top 3 male finishers

Iah finished at 5th Place-Overall!

with Mari - first place - Men's category for 21K

Group Pic with the Team BR training Buddies - Mari (will be like him when we grow up!), Nam (BDM finisher soon!), Mark (Coach' spirit is in him), Iah (a Mari in the making) and our NFF ----male 2nd placer

another group pic with Michi (my friend from Lingkod) and AJ (he's fast despite the injury!)

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