Thanks to Running! The Usual Question Has Changed….

To those reading this post who are still single and probably at a legally allowed marrying age, I am sure you could relate to the usual questions during Family gatherings (kasal, binyag, libing….reunions, etc) —– So, why are you still not married? When will you follow (if in a wedding) or Get married na so you’ll have kids soon (during binyags)…..

I am soooo ready with my answers for my sisters wedding last January 23…..but lo and behold! I rarely got one….

and my top three questions were:

  1. did you go to the beach? Why are you so dark? Why do you have tan lines?
    • ah tita, i’m into running and yadayaydaaya…..
  2. Your mom told me you run, so ilang kilometer ang marathon mo?
    • ah 42k po tita.  42K po ang marathon (I guess there is no need to explain the difference or I might bore her and get her to ask her standard question)
  3. Seems like you are a lot thinner than before…But you look fit, di na payatot
    • Thanks po!  Kayo din po di na tabachoy (of course, the last line is in my bubble thoughts)

I guess it was all worth it.  Running…the trainings….the tan lines…

Congrats to my younger sister, Mimi! and to my new brother, Jobert!!!

my three sisters

the entourage- all in Sasha bridals gown. Love it!

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  1. Reminds me of a friend who was asked, “Saan ka nag beach?” She got great tan lines from practicing for the BDM.

    “Hindi. Pasong Tamo – Buendia lang yan. ”



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