An Extra Dosage of Faith Will Take Me to the Finish Line

Two days before the Condura Marathon, I woke up and started the day thinking about it and came up with my own checklist before I go into my morning prayers.  Here’s what I got:

Training – I guess I have given my best and TRIED to strictly follow Coach Titus’ Program.  I am quite sure though he wants to give me a “Pasaway” award as for the most part he had to adjust it given my dozens of excuses: (had party, had to work, had no sleep) = (didn’t run long, didn’t do strength training, didn’t attend clinic @ultra).  My recent workouts and long runs though have shown improvements on my speed and endurance so I hope it works out well this Sunday.

Gear – I’m all set.  Got a Nike top (exactly the same as my favorite white tops but this time its red orange), my fave adidas shorts (thanks to my sis Lala! She bought it for herself, never used it and it stayed in my cabinet), my Adidas Supernova Glide that I got last December, an Adidas socks, Nike visor (a gift from my sis).   My sister would again tell me – “it’s a no, no in fashion to wear two known brands together”.  But sis, this is a marathon, not a fashion show.  Next time, buy me a complete set so I don’t violate the fashion rule.

Relaxation – With all the demands from work, I guess my prayers got answered for a less stressful work week.  My meetings were all confined to a “meet and greet” thing, some good news came in this week and my team is at their best (nasabi ko yata na pag di ko natapos ang marathon, walang sweldo hahaha).  Will try to get some good sleep tonight till Saturday (hmm except that I organized a dinner for my friend, Patty tonight which turn out to be at the same venue as the CLP).

So, this is it!  I have never imagined myself running a full marathon — in fact, up to now, I still can not.

As I brought my feat into prayers this morning, I came across this passage:

(Hebrews 11:1) Faith makes us sure of what we hope for and gives us proof of what we cannot see.

And it all came in so clear to me.   That all I have to do is BELIEVE!

Believe that I can do it!……Now, all I need is an extra dosage of Faith.

God bless us from the start to the finish line!

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  1. Hello 2Timothy,

    Good luck on your Condura 42k! See you on the Skyway

    Ray Abenojar
    P.S. Etched on my RoadID: Ever, Forever! Psalm23


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