Still on Second Wind

“Somewhere during a longer, more intense run when stored glycogen is depleted, the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus release endorphins that can provide that “second wind” that keeps a runner going.”

I came across this article last night (read more), which makes me think….this explains it, I am in second wind!

A second wind which keeps you talking about running.  After finishing my first marathon last Sunday, there is a feeling of excitement that makes you want to tell everyone you meet about your Marathon story……and my standard answer to all ““how was your weekend?”  encounters is… “Oh, I just finished my first marathon” and the Q&A follows which I gladly answer until they are bored.

A second wind which makes you keep going.  I ran last Monday, then joined the BR clinic last Tuesday where we had continuous running and again last night for a low intensity speed training.

My non-running friends would say, “Are you crazy? You should be on a holiday”….well, I guess I am and I have a bunch of crazy friends at the Bald Runner Running Clinic.

Did I say low intensity last night? Nah…the guys were running at full speed at 200m and at 6min/k at the 200m recovery jog.  Who would think they just set their PRs and ran their first full few days back?  They were crazy fast, I had to take a water break after the 7th laps and take the last four laps at a slower pace with Nam.

Oh, and if I remember it right, at 400m workouts, everyone would discount (esp me) a few seconds with Coach on our goal…Now, here I am saying, “Coach, 1:40 goal next time.  Next week ba meron? “  with Coach replying, “Kahit 1:50 lang, next week na, rest muna ngayon”.

And my crazy training buddies’ goals are all set….not just short-term but it goes on till next year….Milo elims, Epic run-250k relay, a marathon at end of year, Milo Finals (ehem…wish),   and….(drum roll pls)…BDM 102k 2011.  Let’s go guys!

So Coach, how should we train for BDM?, the group asked.

Coach: “…..blah blah blah” ….and ends his sentence with… “then at peak – Continuous running 8 hours”….

Whhhaatttttt?????…, this one would take longer to chew on.  Meantime, let this “second wind” linger.


Welcome to the new members of the Clinic! (which includes my bestee Rhea who was inspired by last Sundays marathon and wouldn’t settle to being a mere water-girl for me hahaha)

And while I’m on second wind, might just go anytime to Second Wind for a new Asics shoes….

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