My Toenails Story on its Fourth Month

Months ago, I posted about one of my ultimate fears from running — an ugly feet & my first taste of dead toenails — which was further aggravated by my second 21k race @ QCIM. October 2009 – two half-dead toenails – I could have stopped then, I could have slowed down.  “Probably my size 5-feet are not meant for running longer distances”….” Probably I should just be playing tennis. ”  I chose to deal with it though! They say it will grow back.  I hoped!

While patiently waiting as the new nail pushes the black portion up by a millimeter per day, I followed some of the experts’ advice:

Changed my running shoes

My toenails dillema started when I got myself a pair of Newtons.  I am not sure if its the real culprit as I was fine with it racing at 10ks.  The shock started when I explored the unknown 21k distance back then in my Newtons.  As I have experienced in my first 2  21ks, the struggle happens at the 16th-18th k.  Body is fine, mind is fine, legs are okay…my feet feels like its inside my 6-year old niece’s shoes.  I’ve noticed also that the allowance of about half inch between my toe and the insides of it is so much smaller.  Yeah, I guess my feet has grown bigger.  I still use my newtons in my 30 minutes slow runs.  (As an accountant, I still wanna amortize it over a certain period before writing off …hahaha)

Cut my Nails Short

I know I should have done this way before but didn’t really take it as a serious advice.  “Learned it the hard way”.  Now, I keep my nails short and rounded.  Not square as its also bad for ingrown nails.

Shy Away from Stilletos

Two days after QCIM, I wore an Aldo 3-inch shoes for a meeting in Trinoma.  Not realizing, I’m up for several kilometers of walk from parking to meeting place.  This is not exactly how I planned my recovery run to be. Lo and behold! Aching feet, even worst than the 18th to 21st k of QCIM.  I had to buy a new shoes so I can walk back to parking.  Bad for my budget, but it was a *worthy investment …she has been my dearly beloved shoes since that day.

* worthy investment is relative…only girls might be able to relate to this claim

Aerosoles Soltice saved me!

I still wear my 2-3 inches shoes…but only on occasions.  If I am not meeting anyone, you would see me wearing my beloved shoes or anything from the collection of our own Sasha shoes which is a comfortable fit for me.

all in Napa leather - 2 inches and a perfect fit for my feet (my feet mould was used, per our shoe manufacturer-it was just perfect. but that was back then....)

Well, not wearing stilletos have no scientific basis actually.  I guess its just that I feel my feet deserves some rest and I wanna reserve the stress to running related activities.  So girls, no worries! Running wouldn’t deprive you of that great feeling of strutting in 3-inch high shoes.

February 18 marks the fourth month from the birth of my two half-dead toenails.    I have continued my running dreams (and in fact finished my first full marathon @ Condura) without any additional toenails death….

I have survived.  Thanks to dark nail polish! Thanks to closed shoes!

Now, My New Dillema

I have about one centimeter of new toenails.  The black ones are peeling off that  I got so eager to cut it last night.  Yes, one third of it.  So I now have less of the black.  One third black, one third new, One third exposed skin.  Bad news is – it doesn’t look good with polish with only 2/3 s of my toenails painted.  I should have waited.  =)

Now, closed shoes is the only option at hand.  (if you have other options let me know).  Just when its summer….and sun dress = sandals.  Gets? Don’t mind me please. =)

Let’s just run!

They say that your fears are easier to overcome when you are with friends who could relate.  After an 800 x 5 workout at the Ultra, me and the Team Bald Runner classmates went out for dinner at Metrowalk.  No worries about wearing slippers showing my ugly toenails – they understand!

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  1. haha…seasonal lang ako, if nasa mood. =)
    can relate ba sa kaartehan? but really, this is a serious problem for me these days haha


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