Running for Home

Globe Run for Home 2009 was my first half Marathon!  It was a 2:27 finish.  They said that was a good first time for an average runner like me…and with no serious training yet.  (Just mere determination to get back to the finish line).  After the race, I promised myself to hit Sub 2 on its next edition.  I didn’t know it would come this early! Okay then, I still registered.


All my recent half mary’s were treated as training runs – so I am quite curious how I would finish this one.

Well, Sub 2 or not, no worries! I am quite happy that I am officially racing this one for a number of reasons:

  • New route – Ayala Triangle Garden – Fort-and back

For me,  Makati CBD : Traffic.  I wonder how it feels to have these roads all for us runners!

  • I got a free Globe Tattoo – or rather I got my reg free for my Globe tattoo purchase
  • Live Facebook updates – Wow!
  • Race kits come with the first-ever environmentally-friendly singlet made from recycled PET bottles – I’m curious about this one.  Our water business disposes several bottles a year to junk, didn’t know there is a better way of disposing them.
  • Lastly, it would benefit a good cause – Globe and Ayala Land donating a portion of the race proceeds to Habitat for Humanity.  I will be Running for Home again!

“Running for home” also reminds me of the ultimate race I am in.  As the song of one of my favorite brothers from The Servants of the Word, John Keating, says:

“Heaven is my home, I am kingdom bound

I am not my own, for once I was lost

But in Christ I am found…..”

Sub 2 or not, this race is for His Glory…I am running for home…

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