Its Thursday-I am not running, but it’s still all about running

Had dinner with the Pilak  team (a coffee table book project I managed for Lingkod’s 25th year) last Thursday.

I thought it’s a welcome break from Running…ugh! I was wrong, so wrong – Q1,Q2,Q3,Greetings here and there. would always have running, running related, running and running stuff in it.  (Oh, would anyone ask another question, pls! I’m kinda on a break today.  Deep inside though, I really enjoyed the topic.  Until now, I still can tell a lengthy story of the Skyway feat.)

We started dinner and with such a very long table, the conversations were broken into several groups.  And there we had: Circle 1: Jopeng, Circle 2: Tin, Circle 3:Jobaqs.  Yes, three Q&A’ tables.  Guess what was common amongst us three…-the sweet Condura Marathon experience.  Our former National Director, Francis would once in a while segue and say something about the  background of the persons Jopeng was quoting.  (I love Francis! Thanks again for your support .  Could not have been possible without you!)  Eventually, another circle gathered around Mon, our current national director – beginners’ topic I guess =) .  Mon actually had running as his sports during his younger years.  I bet we’ll eat his dust when he takes this seriously.

The small circles on Running, etc. topic eventually ended when Mon started to thank the team for Pilak.  Jopeng gave some words as well…then it was my turn! Argh..I didn’t really prepare for one but I managed to say my piece, anyway.  Some things I forgot to say though:

To my Lingkod friends (not sure if they would come across this) – Thanks again!  It was fun working for this project with you, despite the challenges we had.  Indeed, He who begun the work has put it into completion!

As I said during one of my facebook status referring to my emo state during the critical stages of the project.  “I thought I was just going to run a marathon, ultramarathon it is.  I hope there is a finish line” Indeed there is! Yet, the race continues.  We hope Pilak would be able to send the message not just to Lingkod members and alumni, but even to our friends, relatives, officemates, etc., etc.  Few more copiies left.  Order now!

Till the next one…Ginto!

Oh, and thank you to my sis Lala for my dress that night!

We saw Kuya Raoul after the dinner (at a wake of a co-Lingkod’s dad where we headed to).  Kuya Raoul is another elder leader from the group who finished his first marathon at the QCIM, he is 40+.  Chatted again, and it’s another Running 101 thing.

Yay!  Indeed, running has invaded my world – even my Thursday night which is supposed to be a break. (not whining, it is a good thing)

When, I’m not running, I’m talking about running.

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