Partners at the Track

Got this one last Monday…so far, so good! Tempo Run on Tuesday, Speed Training on Wed (50-50 x 10 laps), Another one on Friday (200-200, 12 reps)…..

Mizuno Wave Elixir 4

And another one….yes, it comes with a Partner:

Mizuno Wave Precision 9

Tere, Come to the track soon, partner!  Your shoes is waiting.  (and I’ve been Coach Unica Hija at the track, and catching up with the speed of the boys has been ———–!)

…………thanks alquin for accompanying me at Mizuno!…………….

On Sunday, my new baby will meet the road.  Will tell you about it soon.

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  1. okay naman. a lot lighter than my adidas-ma pang-race nga. Need to change some socks lang, yun insoles is different than the soft ones of adi and newtons..
    We ran about 17k yesterday around UP with jerry and my friend michie. Jerry completed 21K.


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