Ready for the BDM

Nope, I’m not one of the 141 warriors for 2010.

Excited though, being one of the volunteer marshalls ….

D-day has come!  Here are some pics from the Carboloading Party with my friends from the BR Running Clinic.  Cheers guys! Imagine its’s our Yasso at the Ultra, after all the pains and whinings, there is always a happy ending! (100+ repetitions nga lang…of course, do not run it like Yasso-Enjoy every step of it!)

2010 BDM Warriors-Nam, Dennis & Eriche (Mark-go 2011!)

The Team Bald Runner - Professional Group (aka p-Elite / wannabes) with "The Bald Runner"

This is a totally different kind of preparation.  So far, I’ve ticked one of my checklist of ‘to bring for tomorrow….


I’ve got to pack, on our way there tomorrow night….what to bring? what to bring? Basta may cheetos na ko.

CONGRATULATIONS in advance to all the BDM Warriors!  See you at the 102K marker =)

P.s. Jonnel (aka Bugobugo) – Are you starting the countdown for 2011 edition on Monday? J!

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