I Was There! “The BDM 102K-2010”

BDM 102 March 6-7, 2010.  For some reasons, I’ve never been more excited on any race like this one.  Probably because it’s the longest one…or it’s the first status feed I see on Facebook every morning (thanks to Jonel!) or even on the Takbo.ph shoutbox…or out of excitement for my three friends who are joining….

and I’m not even running the BDM!

The adventure started for us on Friday night, March 5.  We’re off to Bataan by 6pm and got there around 11, settled in and slept immediately.  By around 4 am, I can hear the Elite runners already up and ready to run…errr, so that’s the secret of getting faster.  They went to run to Olongapo while, we mortals, had our own morning adventure trail run.

A Morning Sacrifice errr "Run" at the Sacrifice Valley

After a short “not so easy” run the rest of the day was spent Eating, Chatting,  Trip to Olongapo for last minute errands, eat again, Nap, Chat, eat again.  (must have gained some pounds that day).  By 7pm, we’re off to Kilometer 0.

After some funny misadventures, driving back & forth the Abucay Highway-we found our way to Kilometer 50…

@ Kilometer 50 at around 830pm, Everyone's busy prepping up the aid station

Dropped off some stuffs in the car, then we’re headed to Kilometer 0…..

Kilometer 0 – I’ve never seen any starting line as festive as this one…Runners, support crews, volunteers and even locals were all smiles and oh so eager for the start.  There is an obviously nervous look for some, esp the runners.  Even we, the volunteers are nervous.

Team BR Elite, Staff, Rey Jimenez & Madamme/Tita Rowena who carboloaded us before the race

BR started the program @ exactly 11pm. Runner for Christ led the prayer (good thing he arrived on time, I heard BR thought of asking me to do it if he's late - I was hoping to be asked to sing the Japanese National Anthem instead hahaha)

128 BDM Warriors at the Starting Line

11:30 PM - the Battle Begins!

Sweeper daw kami…hmmm…We were briefed on how to do it.  At the end of it, we should be the one to inform/warn the time station that the last runner has passed and account for DNFs.  On the way, we also have to check the condition of the runners, check for any violation to the rules and of course take some pictures and videos.

Runners Still Smiling at the First Four Kilometers

SINGLE FILE! this was our favorite line for the first few kilometers….we even shouted it to Nam, who was on his own…

Nam - 100 Kilometers to Go!

We finally reached Kilometer Seven, this is the first stop for all runners.

We decided to proceed and look for the first runner then just drive back….

The Leading Pack ---- Oh my! They are really fast... Instead na single file, we shouted "Smile"

We’ve checked on the last to the leading runners until kilometer seven to ten  (all is well so far…hmmm except that there were about two who tried to bandit).  We went to a Burger Machine for coffee fix and to charge the Video-cam.  Thanks to the nice girl at the BM! hope to still see you next year =)

After having enough charge on the videocam, we went back till kilometer five to check.  Okay, All cleared!….then back to Kilometer 15…

So, here’s the buzz before we reach Kilometer 15…

the BDM Superbods?!?...

After our stay at Kilometer 15, when all the runners have passed by already, we went for a CR Break.  Tere and I have discovered the best rest rooms along the road.  (Getting ready for next year haha)…..

team BR Classmates Dennis and Eriche after the 15th K

Done with Kilometer 15, we headed to Kilometer 23 (where all the runners are turning right).  BR reminded us to sweep and so off we go….We went back to Kilometer 17, cheering the runners on our way back.  Finally, we found the end of the pack.

Kudos to the three runners! We saw them spraying liminent already before the 20th, yet they still fought until the 60th kilometer + .

Congrats Kim! Kilometer 64 Conquered - next year 102K!!! You are an inspiration indeed.

Kilometer 25 time station done, we headed to Kilometer 50 to drop off Coach.  We wanted him to capture on Video the runners as they approach the first pitstop.  Golly! Alvin Canada has passed by already….

On the way back to Kilometer 35, we saw Jonel and cheered him and then cheer on the next guy right behind him but ….Uh oh! No race bib in a fitted blue suit…..

Me: Bandit?,

Mark: Oo nga?,

Me: Wanna go back? Capt! Capt! May bandit..

Capt: Zzzzz Me: Uhmmm Guess, I am gonna do it.

After reaching a few meters where he is approaching.

Me: (I got my super mini flashlight) Hi! Good morning, where is your race bib?,

Man in Blue: Hi! di ako kasali, taga-diyan lang ako,

Me: Ah okay, sorry! enjoy po (bubble thoughts-sige i-add na lang kita sa facebook)...

Man in Blue: No problem.  Good luck sa run niyo!(talks to a local after a few meters)…

Mark: Local no?

Me: Argghhh, but that was fun. Gising na ulit ako. (in fairness, cute siya! na-miss ni Capt!) – Disclaimer: My opinion was made at 430am, wala pang tulog.  I could be wrong but we’re quite sure di siya bandit.

We finally reached Kilometer 35, 25 more runners haven’t passed the marker.  Time station marshals at K25 arrived and we did some spot recon on the rankings just to be sure the splits are still correct.

18 more runners to go….Mark got some rest while I stayed outside…Getting restless, I went back to the car to drink and zzzzzz…Woke up and I have forgotten where I was…ahmmm okay, nasa BDM pala ako.  Eight more runners to go.

Finally, we’re done at kilometer 35.  Wow! The runners are still strong.

We then drove to Kilometer 50.  Before reaching kilometer 50, we can see some runners being attended to for massage, faster runners at the start slowing down, and the slower runners at the start gaining speed, some having photo ops at the markers.  And grabe, ang dami na nag-change costume!  (I better start shopping for next year haha)   My thoughts would shift to “I wish I was running” to “I’m glad I’m not”.

Some of the churches were already having the 6am mass.  (said a short prayer for the runners as we passed by)

@ Kilometer 50 - The Sun has Risen

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