On Being a Girl & Running @ the Front Runner

Few days before the release of the second edition of Front Runner, Jonel (ed-in-chief) told me that the issue will be a special issue for women…..and so, I got a copy at Fully Booked this afternoon.

I immediately read  it while waiting for my cousin’s five boys I picked up from Ateneo.  As I braved the traffic, the boys quickly feasted on it…..Ahmmm boys, be careful…haven’t read that (and I’m quite an OC, don’t wanna read it crumpled and all).

Dropped off the boys, Wednesday workout at Ultra and then had some time reading through the articles…..

First Read – Article on Aileen Tolentino – uhmm… I didn’t actually read it first, just looked at the running shorts she’s wearing and wondered where she got that (I want one!).  I went back to the article later and found it quite inspiring .  Nope, I’m not really aiming to run like her (way far!) but her motivation to run and improve despite her MMK like  beginning is admirable.

I flipped the pages and saw Bards article — and I could so relate.  Red Letter Days. Taming the Bounce…etc. the Number 1 during long runs (moreso, paano na pag BDM?)..etc.  – The Challenges of A Female Runner –

The Bald Runner also had an article about the BDM and of course gotta read it.  Have heard it personally being told by BR but of course, baka may na-missed out.  ‘ wonder if knowing the story would help me finish the BDM if I join next year…..

The magazine talks a lot about running, a lot more about women…nutrition…fashion…the Kenyans, etc, plus Cebu and why Mari rates it perfect 10…a 21K Beginner’s Program (hmmm wish I read this before my first, will read it before my 4th this sunday then…)

Gotta sleep, will finish the reading tomorrow.

Congrats Jonel & team!  The second edition is still so filling for runners but this one comes out nicer-colors,font, layout,pics (could do better on some though – I’m quite a big fan of pics telling stories stuff…but the in-action pics makes it so real – mix of both?)


As sometimes I forget, I am!

The issue reminds me of some episodes I had doing drills and workouts on that time of the month.  Been training with the Team Bald Runner-Professional Group.  Amongst the old timers, the only female members (actively attending) are me and Capt. Tere, plus newcomer Anne.  There are girls, but they are with the newbies group.

For some reasons, the 400m workouts would always fall on the Day.  No complains though. Early this month though, Coach declared that we’ll do 9 reps of Yasso .  And grouped us into three.  Group 1 – Those Nearing Being Immortals; Group 2-The Mortals; and Group 3-the Girls.  Coach must have forgotten I am a girl and had me join group 2.  Well, I was so up for the challenge (but again, its the Day!).  Good that Coach gave us a more achievable target, about 20 minutes faster than average at 4:30 finish for 800m.  My slowest was 4:02 and fastest at 3:36 from previous workouts.

Despite the slower target, we started crazy and finished at 3:40.  Coach reminded us to relax as this is 9 repetitions.  We decided to maintain an even pace and target 3:50.  And we did it but it’s becoming uncomfortable.  Before the 3rd, I told Coach of the Day.  And he said, I should actually be stronger as during this time, my body can provide easily the energy for speed and some female marathoners have broken world records on the Day.  I tried to push my case and told Coach I’m a mortal =)

Still, I did my 4th but after that, I DNFed! I am not actually feeling weak.  In fact, maintaining a 3:50 finish was then so easy and I feel I could really even push.  I went home thinking I should have finished five more.  I did google immediately if I had valid reasons to make it as an excuse or if Coach was right.  And, yeah, it’s true, studies proved that running on the Day is actually a good time for speed training.  Read on...Oh well, might not have scientific basis to DNF my workouts but probably each girl deserves at least a day in a month to be a Brat!




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4 replies

  1. thank you for the hardcore support tin!

    just let me know how the fr team can keep the mag more appetizing for you guys out there.will be more than happy to oblige.


  2. Yes, Jonel gave me tips and he’s one great guy! 🙂
    I better purchase my Front Runner magazine, QUICK!

    see you at TBR sesh.. I have to run longer mileage, im scared for my life!



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