This Must be Love!—when Running is Not Enough —

TUESDAY night at the Ultra: After a 2 kilometer warm up, our group started with a Strengthening/Conditioning Workout…….I thought it was good – no intervals, no speed, easy night! I just realized we are up to something when we started with – – – – push ups – – – – and that was just the beginning!

Push ups, Leg Workout, Pelvis Workout, Ballet Moves, Yoga Moves...even James Bond Moves...Name it - we did it!

It was a painful yet a fun workout.  Several times, I would look at the other group of new members (mostly girls) listening to Coach Titus’ lecture and would wish I was there.  Still tried to keep up with the boys though and follow the instructions of the Elite Team.

Some motivations from the elites:

  • “Pag ginawa niyo ito, lalakas yung mga weak muscles niyo…”
  • Don’t push if hindi kaya ….(which made you wanna push it…)
  • Eto, nakaka-develop ng abs….(inspired by Derek Ramsey’s appearance at Ultra that night huh!)
  • Lalakas kayo tumakbo niyan…(I wonder if we could ever chase these guys in this lifetime…)

And the favorite line for the night – “Running is not Enough” (from Medel of the Elite Team Bald Runner) – kailangan i-strengthen niyo ang core and ang legs.  (That will be your foundation.)

It was a relief when the workout ended, had another 30 minutes run, stretching then I’m headed home. (after some chikas)

Everything was fine, until I woke up on Wednesday and felt tightness on my inner thigh.  (Mucsles recovering and building up? — I’m fine! —- This is nothing and off I went to my daily routine.)

WEDNESDAY night at the Ultra again.  I was late so I cut down on my warm up and stretching and got excited to join the 400meter speed workout.  Kept mum about my cutting the warm up to the Coaches.  I could feel my inner thigh tighten in the middle of the run but tried to keep up.  I slowed down from a 1:39minutes start to 1:50 and then 1:57 at the seventh.  I knew I had to slow down or else I would pay for it.

love the intervals!

THURSDAY Morning.  This is it! I woke up with sore thigh.  I hated the stairs…I couldn’t walk straight.  Having this feeling for the first time since May 2009 (when I started getting serious about running), I was on panic mode.  I called Coach and he told me to ice it as soon as I get home. I did just that and it felt better.

FRIDAY.  This is gonna be a busy day.  I feel better though but I’m still not walking straight.  Too bad, I had to miss on a friend’s fashion show in the afternoon partly because my schedule ran over each other (and mainly because I couldn’t walk straight).  Yes, I still went to Ultra just to check on if I can still run with the pain.  As soon as my feet got on my rubber shoes, my thighs started to become friendly.  I can actually walk straight.  And even could afford a 2-k warmup.  Good excuse! I didn’t do the 200m-speed training.  I ran around the oval field along the grass (so it would be less straining) with one of the elite runners Medel for another 30 minutes.  After some serious stretching, I knew I am cleared.  No injury, it’s just my muscles acting up.

Question is, can I run for home this Sunday?  Whatever happens, I will be at the starting line and will still reach the finish line….

This must be love; why else would I torture my body with miles of punishment every day?

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