A Vivid Picture of My Run for Home

Wohoo! Just love photovendo shots, not my best angles though….but it vividly captures the struggles and pains…Too bad, I zoomed to the finish, I’ve got no finish line shot.  Lesson learned huh!  (oh, warning: this is a very narcisistic post, so pardon me…)

Partial Shot of Me with my Pace-Partner Tere at the Heritage

I love this shot!

I actually took a nap somewhere for some seconds here...hahaha

Finally! Going down Buendia Flyover...Bad arms movement! (Now I know why Coach & the Elites have been telling me to practice in front of the mirror)

Last 100m to the finish line...Can you see the water spray from my hair? My apologies to any runner who might have gotten wet by my hair shower.

Official time:2:13 (net 2:12) (garmin 2:11)

I registered hoping & praying for a PR….Trained….Turned out limping three days before the race… Organizers changed routes two days before the race(removing the flats and adding the hills)… Prayed hard to just finish the race unscathed sans the hope of PR.  It was a good race, answered prayers!  To God be the glory…

Runpix: 282nd/869 finishers, 30th female, 6th place-division  Ave pace: 6:19…(Ugh, back to the drawing board!)  For your analysis, click here.

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  1. Thanks! It’s okay, don’t rush into it. LAst year was my first 21k which I kinda rushed into without proper milleage build-up. Just prepare for it and on race day, just take it one step at a time and have fun. see you around =)


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