A GU Gel Powered Saturday

It has always been a lazy Saturday morning for me, coming from a Friday interval workout night plus the usual Friday nightouts….yesterday was a different one.

Woke up early to join the TBR Dream Marathoners long run (Yes, that would be my second full marathon!).  But we missed it by 15 minutes.  Mark and I opted to run around and just join them during the stretching part.  We conquered McKinley again, ran those rolling hills, 2kilometers from BHS to Mckinley, 6 kilometers around Mckinley, 2kilometers back to BHS in 1:05.  I took one GU Gel somewhere at the 8th kilometer, knowing its another hour more to run after we reach BHS.

After one and a half more rounds at BHS, we had our CR break and then checked out ROX….After a few minutes, the group arrived.  Guess we can run some more after to complete our long run for the day…It was a relief when they gave out free Gatorade (as I forgot to bring one).

Joined the group for some stretching:

Jim Lafferty leading the group in the stretching session - I'm right behind him.

Picture grabbed from The Bull Runner (www.thebullrunner.com)

Then photo-ops….

Got our free Cecon Vitamin C…..

Went home…Goodbye extra one hour! I told Mark that I could still feel the kick of the gel I took as we drive home.  I had one whole pack before reaching BHS, so I only got to use it for 2 kilometers plus the 1.5 round at BHS.  From my personal experience, I would ideally take a gel at the 10th kilometer and that’s enough to take me to another 10K.

Read this from Runners World:

…….the body requires 30 to 60 grams of carbohydrate per hour of running. The typical gel has about 28 grams of carb; a 20-ounce bottle of sports drink, 35 grams of carb. Take both, and you will ingest 63 grams of carb….

Bad idea!  Should have ran some more but it was late already and Mark and I both have a long day to go….

It still kicks until I reach home so I did some sit ups, push ups and leg exercises …

After that, I went out for some errands then was back to prepare for a wedding in Rizal (just love dressing up especially if it’s a special day of my friends.  Thanks for the Sasha dress Niki & Mimi!  I kinda want it to be a Bumblebee collection as Queen Bee though…)

By 2pm, I was out driving with my friend Aileen to Taytay….and whew! Traffic

Arrived late at the church which is really on the top, top of the hills…It’s really hill-training day for me-both for running and driving!

It was a blast at the wedding! ….seeing old friends from our community, Lingkod and of course my R2all friends.  The reception was so cool, farm setting where you are welcomed by the couple’s fave foods – isaw, bibingka, puto bumbong,squid balls, kikiam as cocktails.  Even before the dinner and program started, the table was filled up with isaw sticks already.

Cool Mini cooper backdrop for Bhel & Nandy's reception table. Best wishes guys!

Driving back was a lot better though I am running out of energy already with my tired legs , sooo tired from strutting a 3-inch shoes from 2 to 10pm…

Now I know why I got myself GU Gel Powered for the day…

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  1. one spaghetti and chicken meal & a fried chicken singles (with rice)plus a mcflurry oreo sundae. Wow, that sounds good. My wife says the McDOnalds in the PH is different that in the states. I miss the spicey chicken at Jolliebee. lol. Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I have added yours to my blog roll on the left. Sometimes I am sercastic as with the statement on Oprah. lol. That was back in 94 I think. I do have a new post you might like. I love your verse at the top here. If you have faith in yourself, running and finishing the race (of life too) comes naturally at times. Great post here on the run and group session. I can not wait till I move there. I will be visiting next year in Feb. Take care and God Bless. I will be sure to frequent your blog here.


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