10 x 5 = 50 on May 10

May 10 is a a very special day for me.  I plan to run on that day, no not for any government position, I just wanna run to celebrate my first 10K run (and coincidentally prepare for a marathon on May 22).

Flashback to May 10, 2009,  I ran my first 10K at the Botak Paa-bilisan Race.  Prior to May 10, I’ve joined a couple of 5ks but mostly for the fun of it (no training, no milleage, no plan). I didn’t actually prepare for this race, except for a run the Friday before that to losen up my legs from inactivity.  After I crossed the finish line on May 10, the story of my addiction began……

Then, a breaking news came in on Tuesday afternoon….”The Bald Runner is organizing PAU’s First 50K Run on May 10!”  I read BR’s post and told myself, “there is an August edition, so by then, I am in”…..

But why not?

  • The route will start in Tanay, Rizal which is 5 minutes from Baras.  Perfect! I’m going home that weekend for the elections.
  • It’s a climb all the way to Sampaloc (We would always frequent these place during Summer Break, most of the nice private resorts, camping sites and a friend’s farm is in the area).  And I can vividly remember, it was real uphill…
  • It ends somewhere in Sierra Madre —- a sight to behold really!
  • It is my first chance to get into the world of Ultramarathon…
  • It is organized by PAU and the Bald Runner!

A few hours after I learned about it, I got the chance to talk to Sir Jovie (BR) and Mari at the Ultra.  I gave all my reasons why I should not join….and eventually lost my case =) Did I talk to the right persons?  Hardcores to a mortal -kinda far, right!

Oh well, at the end of the day, it’s my decision…and should I say – Sierra Madre, here I come….

I wonder if I can strike this pose still when I reach the peak on may 9

Oh, and since May 10 is election day…the event will be on MAY 9 instead…So, its 10K x 5 = 50K a year after.  Am I crazy? Yes, my family and friends would tell me…but guess what, I’ve got company!

To read more about the 1st PAU 50 K Run, visit www.baldrunner.com.  Only 200 slots available.

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  1. So May 9th is the big day. I wish you the best in that event and with your training, etc.. A 50k sure sounds fun to me, but I have got to do a half and a full first. Take care and God Bless and strengthen you.


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