Holy Week Run in Rizal?

I’m off to Baras, Rizal (my hometown) to spend the Holy Week…………

Holy week in Baras is alwasy eventful, commemorating the Passion and Death of our Lord.

It starts with the Palm Sunday Mass.   We used to sing the Hosanna’s in several stations around the town, as the townpeople goes around in procession with their Palasapas.

Hosanna Fileo David, Hosanna, Hosanna - wearing our Palm Sunday costumes with sis Mimi, Lala was too young then. (Two kiddos Gerald & Cel of our cousins, still cute then =)

Cenakulo also commence on Sunday night.  Baras is known to have the best one.  In fact after a run in our town, they get hired to hold shows in other nearby towns.

On Wednesday night, there is another procession where images of the saints and significant events nearing to the death of Jesus Christ parades around the town as a reminder to the people of Baras.  My uncle owns the image of “Dismayado” (an image of Jesus Christ down on the floor and wounded) and I’ve always helped in decorating the image on Wednesday. After the Wednesday procession, I remember the elders would command us to be quiet…no more playing around or running around.

Pabasa’s would also start in houses of people who owns the images.  I remember going to Pabasa’s with my mother, not to take part or do the readings (not my Mom’s talent) but to give out gifts to the host.  We’ll go home with a pabalot (which contains Puto or ricecake).

Thursday is for Last Supper and washing of the feet.  My father, when he was still alive, would act as one of the apostles.  (I think he was Peter, or we assumed he was Peter as Peter was the famous one among them next to Judas).

Our church becomes busy as well on Thursdays as visitors would flock the church for their Visita Iglesia.  Our church was built in 16 86 and the old-look has been preserved until now.

On Friday, the Seven Last Words are read and ends at 3pm.  The elders would ask us to take a bath early, if you haven’t taken a bath at 3pm, you have to wait for Saturday.  At night, a procession around the town is held depicting a Funeral Mass.  As kids, we go around the town as angels…

Black Saturday should be spent quietly until the midnight mass.  When 12 midnight strikes, the church bells would ring.  That means, the Lord has risen!  As kids, we have to jump errr so we grow taller….We wake up at 3am to get ready for the Salubong.  This depicts the time when Mama Mary encounters the risen Jesus Christ.  Again, we act as the angels here, this time singing “Regina”…

Here’s a picture of one of the Salubongs in Baras that I grabbed from http://www.barasrizal.com.  Click here for the 2010 Holy Week Schedule.

I used to be one of those angels...

Growing older, Holy Week celebration is no longer as eventful as it was before.  Of course, I can not be one of the little angels anymore! I try to spend it quietly, in my own way sans the traditions.  I have found a deeper meaning to the traditions we used to follow as a child.

As a family, we still go home and stay in Baras at least for a day to attend the Friday procession.  It is an opportunity for us to get together also since most of us are already living in different parts of Manila/Laguna (some are in the US/Canada).  As part of the Lingkod/Ligaya community, I also attend the Triduum Activities.

As I pack my things this morning, of course, there is a second bag where I have my running shoes, running clothes, gears, etc.  I do not know yet if I can squeeze in a run…..But here are some pictures that would make you want to run in Baras….(Literally run ha, no, I’m not running for a post contrary to the buzz…)

Baras Church....This got to be the starting point..

The Highway...

Beautiful trail...

Off to go now….Have a meaningful holy week everyone! Don’t forget to run and of course, pray….Run the Good Race that is set before us….

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4 replies

  1. thanks! just ran in Baras this afternoon along the highway, all the way to Evangelista back to the church. Feels great, first time I actually set foot on these roads =)
    thanks for the pics! Good job on the site, btw!


  2. tin, you are still an “angel” to us with bigger wings & heart. nice post! see you soon!


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