Exploring Baras on Maundy Thursday & Good Friday

MAUNDY THURSDAY. Started at 5:30 pm. Total Distance – 3Kilometers. Route: House to Highway, Evangelista St and Back to House

I found a running buddy. Ivan, my cousin's 11 -year old son. A pose in front of the house before heading off..

First Stop-Cousin Norie's House. Imagine, it was only 400m away from our house. I've never been there by foot thinking it was way too far...Asked for directions from cousin, and she told us it's not safe..yadayada...Oh well, we just left and try to find our way..

Running along the Highway. I had to keep a slower pace worried of leaving Ivan. At some point, I was holding his hands forgetting he is old enough...

Ivan was smiling when he learned we are almost 3K at this point...First 3K race was a hard experience for him as he sprinted at the start and walked back to finish line. He has Track & Field as his Org in Ateneo and wishes to eventually be a Varsity. Uhmm don't think he's getting the right coaching though.

GOOD FRIDAY.  Start: 6am Total Distance:6K Route: House to Baras Wawa and back to House

A view from my Cousin's Veranda along the National Road...All my running buddies are still sleeping at 6am so I ran back and forth and completed a kilometer. At 630am, I've got 4 boys to run with me.

My Four Recruits - A Welcome Break from Playing Dota. And first time to actually go around Baras.

After 3K, at the Baras Wawa

Ira, trying to sprint to our pseudo finish line.

Laguna Bay on the background..


Derek? Deep water well used to water the crops around the lake.

Who wouldn't love running along the green ricefields?

Along the bridge connecting Mabini and A.Ferrera St. Mall strolling pace on the way back after 4kilometers. Okay, give the kids a break!

I didn’t get the milleage for the two runs I had but it was an experience running in my hometown (and actually setting foot on these roads for the first time) and giving the kiddos their first taste of road running.

The kids are so lucky, when I was their age, we were not even allowed to giggle….

I went on my own quiet time on an online retreat.

Good Friday is also a night  to attend the procession…Another 6kilometer on my milleage (does it count?), this time going around the town in prayers and singing (side by side with the 2010 Angelic choir).

Hope you had a Meaningful Good Friday!

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