Trail Running at Lola’s Mountains

My Lola left my dad and his siblings with a property somewhere in Baras….We always refer to it as “Lola’s Mountains”.  I haven’t been there. It was only my male cousins who are 20 years or more senior of our generation who have been there.

Over dinner, since everyone is home for the long break, we all agreed we gotta do something with it.  It’s been ten years since someone has visited the place.  Since my uncle died, no one has looked over it.  First step is – find out where it is! …and how it actually look like….

so Wohoooo! We are hiking….but hmmm no one is geared up for a hike.  So, in our flip flops, malling-shorts, jeans, running gear, etc. look, we went up Lola’s Mountains on the morning of Black Saturday.

Hmmmm….do I hear trail run? =)

As soon as the car was parked, I asked cousin Rod how far we'll be walking...Rod: Straight ahead, hanggang Sapa..dun pa tayo (pointing to the top of the mountain)" So, off, I ran.

the "Sapa" or small river?

Checking out if jumping on the river and swimming all the way to our destination is an option...Ugh, My hair is shouting for a haircut!)

P5 suman. The Kids were planning to walk to the town to sell...we bought them all, but he doesn't wanna sell those guavas...

Climbing up...

Finally, on top of Lola Estebana's Mountain (as we call it)...It is aoverlooking the towns or Rizal and Laguna bay on the East and Sierra Madre mountains on the west.(Palo Alto area). Wow! Really nice view...

The climb was hard, going down was more challenging..

Back on the Concrete Roads, I left my cousins and run ahead. As soon as I reached the Highway, I ran back then back to highway, then back again until they are done strolling the mountains =)

Too bad, I forgot to wear my Garmin =( I didn’t get to measure the distance and look at the aerial view of my Lola’s Mountains….

Lola’s Mountains is actually a neighbor of Sierra Madre Mountains…hehehe

I will definitely come back…

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5 replies

  1. Glad you could go and check out “Lola’s Mountains”. It looks a very beautiful place. I have never been trail running before, but sure looks like a lot of fun indeed. Take care.


  2. Nice trails! You better give it a name too. How ’bout Lola’s Trails?:-)

    Kenley, Lola=Grandmother


  3. good idea! really nice trails, i’m curious to try the part which leads to sierra madre area. probably next time when we’re geared for it…thanks!


  4. Kenley, it’s grandmother. We call it Lola’s Mountains since we were kids…(funny though cause it’s really just a portion of the huge mountainous areas in Baras, until now we don’t know what that mountain is, but it’s at the back/below Sierra Madre which is more known)


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