Beating my Time

We registered late for the Mizuno Inifinity Run, by that time; only 5K race kits are available. Hmmm why not? A tempo run?

Come race day, I have set my Garmin to run 5 k at an average pace of 5:45min/kilometer, just enough to finish below 30 and continue for another 10kilometers.

Gun start! Off we went and were going at 4min/kilometer.  I am still fine with the pace but for fear of injuring myself, I controlled and slowed down to 4.30min/k.  Breathing fine.   Legs fine.  Okay, let’s just do it then.  I feel dehydrated actually at the start of the race.  The humidity is too much; it’s a bliss seeing a water station even before the 2nd kilometer.

I maintained my pace until reaching the halfway mark.  I knew I would still meet my PR even if I run at an average 6min/k pace.

At kilometer 4, a runner in blue asked me if I was running 10k or 5K.  I showed my hands to say 5K.  He stayed side by side. “First time” while puffing and huffing”…I didn’t reply…I would increase my pace, then he would try to keep up, like literally rubbing elbows with me while saying stuff I don’t really understand.  Ugh! I couldn’t push any faster so I stopped on the water station.  There, lost the blue guy!

Took a gulp and tried to throw it in a trash can of a Manong who’s sweeping the glasses thrown around.  I forgot I was on a race, I even asked the guy to open the trash can for me.  Until, toink! My brain was able to catch up me on me, reminding me I am on a race.

So, off I go again….Argh, must have lost a minute there.  I passed by Blue Runner and with a one minute break I was able to push the pace.  I saw Girl Runner in yellow, hmmm….time to push and I did!  I can see Girl Runner in green…push or not? I wasn’t thinking of a possible podium then as it was already 20 minutes so I just maintained my pace.  Girl in green finished the race, a hundred meters away from me.

Upon entering the chute though, the Marshal shouted “Pangatlong babae”….Oh, seriously?

I looked for Mark ready for another 10K, then decided not to….A male runner approached me and said “hinahabol kita, ang bilis mo”…

At the awarding, as they call the third place runner, I realized that was the Girl in Green (could be wrong though)…hmmm not my time.

Just happy to finish in 23.30minutes, less than 5 average pace.  A new PR.  My garmin says it’s short by 241 meters, still fine though.

Speed workouts aka chasing my male training buddies at the Bald Runner Speed Training on weekdays and LSDs – surely, it has paid off!

It was a really good run!!!

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9 replies

  1. hahaha! nice experience! you are getting faster and the elite team br are surprised with your new PR. congratulations!!!! keep on chasing ’em!


  2. I enjoyed your race recap. That is an amazing time. I have never had a blue guy, or any one come up beside me and start mumbling all sorts of things in a race before, but you never know when the blue guy will strike. Congrats on your race!


  3. haha! funny recap! getting used to your LSDs must have made you forget that you were in a race 🙂 noticed that your profile pic is in timberland, is that right?


  4. yes carrey! i always do, or could be that my brain disintegrates with my body somewhere. =) the pic is in bosoboso, antipolo rizal. that’s right before sierra madre area.


  5. Ang excited ako sa lahat, anu nangyari dun kay blue guy?!?!?!

    didn’t see him cross, probably finished much later (haha, or earlier but i did overtake so probably the 1st one). hinahanap ko si yellow runner (yun sa adidas, oops naka-yellow pala lahat dun)


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