Laboring this Weekend around Laguna Lake

… will be fun! it’s gonna be a good run!…yeah, yeah, yeah right!….nah, just convincing myself.

Months ago…the day after the BDM, I got a call from Jerry (one of my training buddies) asking me if I can be their female runner….Without any convincing, I said yes (Not sure if they said I am going to run or I’ll be the team muse?)….We also got our other training buddies to form a second team…

We registered!

Read more about the relay here…

We really prepared(!) Yes, to win the best in uniform contest…

the final design...

Until the organizers scrapped the Best in Uniform contest….and announced they will just give us Official Singlets….

We brainstormed (!)…..not on winning, but on the team name for us…..

Oh, and We trained (!)…..Let’s do what the elites do. Train at high altitudes.  Hmmm, actually, it was more of let’s do the LSD in Sierra Madre.  Training na, Photo ops pa….

Presenting our Laguna Bay Relay Team! - 'the lake dashers' of Team BR Professional

A briefing was held last Friday at the Club Manila East in Taytay.   I represented my team, Iah for his team Flash forward and Jan & Smacky for the UPLB Mountaineers.  Most of us are training with the Team Bald Runner Speed Training Clinic and we are seated with the Team BR-elites (and yes, we’ll be on the road with them).

And then it dawned on me….this is a highly competitive race! Other than a really worthy cause, the cash prizes at stake sums up to a million pesos.
Now, I wish I trained twenty years ago. (hahaha)  

The hall was filled with all the strongest runners of this country (quoting from the host).  I know most of them, while some are obviously one just by looking at their built, some are not represented that day but they are in the list. And us – well – tanned and all, we still wouldn’t pass as one.

They did clarify the cut-off times, which almost made me run and dive at the wave pool. 10 hours -first day.  12 hour-second day. Yes, 6min/k pace – that is easy! Oh, yes, are we gonna run around The Fort? But, reality is we are running around Laguna Bay (Pasig-Laguna, Laguna-RIzal!).  With all the elements – uphills, downhills, road condition, traffic, dogs, darkness, gruelling heat of the sun – a 6min/kilometer pace might not be possible.  I wanna raise my hand and say, hey “may commoners dito!”…but we didn’t.

After all, we agreed that our team goal is to “Participate and Enjoy”.  I think I should really add Cheetos to our grocery list…

Five days to go….sans all this, whether we finish or not, this is it!  Let’s just rock Laguna Bay!

We will happily labor the bay this weekend!

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  1. Thanks Mariel! fun indeed =) thanks for visiting, been a visitor of your blog but haven’t linked you up (will add you up?). cool postings and even more cool that you share it =)


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