A Different Kind of Dream

RUNNER NO. 1111 – should have been a cool bib number to run my Second Full Marathon at the TBR Dream Marathon in Nuvali.

I was somewhere at the back....find me (I couldn't!)...


Two weeks before the dream, I’ve gone crazier and got my feet to try on my First Ultramarathon at the PAU 50K run.  I was still planning to pursue dream, anyway, I have a week to recover and a weekend of rest in boracay the week prior to the race. Run or not?…(was thinking also if I still am considered second time-marathoner if I’ve done an Ultra…)…Run or not?…(talk about rest and recover, I might still be strong but could have long-term effect)…Run or not?….then I came across Kaye Pacual’s  FB status:”…wishing she has a reason to carboload”  (Note:Kaye’s friends -the TFC boys are all running their first marathon at the Dream).   Why not give her a reason? It started as a simple FBstatus comment, then some pushing from the TFC boys and BR clinic friends…email exchanges with Jaymie (the Bull Runner) — Thanks for accomodating Jaymie!  And, by Tuesday at noontime-Kaye is officially DREAMING and I am her official pacer.

Despite her lack of milleage, I know she can finish!!!  She’s been an addict since I’ve met her at the Ultra at the BR Clinic.  And she never cuts on her required drills and workouts at the Ultra while most of us negotiates with the coaches for discounts.

D-day comes and our official pacer duty started at 3:45 am at the 23rd kilometer.  (We agreed to meet at the last half when she starts running beyond the distance she has ran.)

Start of the 'Dancers' Duties este Pacers

Girl Power! Last 500 meters and still strong!

Last Push to the Finish Line: Sprint! or Fix Hair first? (I've found my protege - If there is a bill to be passed for runners, I've got two signatures to propose that there should be a mirror and a retouch area in some aid stations before the photovendo stations!)

the TFC Marathoners and the Support Group - Team BR Professionals

After less than an hour, TFC Marathoners are planning their next --- new monsters are born! Congratulations!


And to the brains behind the dream, Jaymie and team – Congrats and thank you for the dream! It was a new experience, not just for the dream marathoners but also for the pacers, volunteers and dream chasers.  Running, dancing and pacing – the best!!!

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