PNB Fun Run: A Celebration Indeed!

PNB is celebrating its Anniversary this July.  As part of its series of Celebrations, from PNB Got Talent, Art Exhibit and a Grand Celebration Party; its Corporate Affairs Group staged a PNB Fun Run.  The main organizer is Evelyn Abao, head of Corporate affairs.  She is a good friend of mine whom I call Miss Ahh or Wowa.  She said they wanted the celebration to be complete from arts, showcase of talents and fitness, among others.  Being her only friend who runs, she asked for my help.  I suggested they hold a running clinic but the tight schedule didn’t allow them to squeeze that in.

I actually lost touch with her regarding the matter as I got busy with work and Milo training while she was busy with their events.  I promised her I’ll just join their event as each PNB employee can bring a friend for only P100.  How’s that for a race fee, why not?

A week before the event though, Miss Ahh, in panic mode, called me while I was still at the Dasma Run.  She read about the sad Milo news at the PDI and is so worried they might not have covered all bases for their events.

Knowing that I am not an expert on such, I sought BR’s help.  Since BR won’t be back by the 24th of July, he sent two members of the elite team Bald Runner – Ali Quisay and Elmer Sabal.

On the eve of the event, Friday, the PNB team met with the elites to consult their plans.  A few corrections were made, which I think were the critical ones – location of hydration stations and quantity of water needed, aid stations, ribbons, registration time, start time.  There were some recommendations which were too late for implementation like matters concerning timekeeping.  But I would say, the adjustments made ensured that the team is ready to treat the Philnabankers to a good morning run.

Corporate Affairs Head, Evelyn Abao with the Elite Team Bald Runner

The elites led the group in some stretching drills before the race starts.  It was crowded at the starting line and it took some time before I was able to run on pace.  I tried to greet runners I overtake who would ask me ‘what branch are you from’ or say ‘iha, totoong runner ka no?’.  I would gladly say, ‘I’m just a guest’ and ‘I do regularly run’.  (Not sure what makes one real or not, but I guess as long as you run – you are considered a runner.).  After a brief chat, I’ll go ahead.  After two kilometers, I realized that there were only about eight guys ahead.  I started to increase my pace and did some chasing.  As we turn right at Edsa, I was the fifth runner, all four boys, ahead of me.  I just maintained my pace, and thought of giving it the last push at the last kilometer.  The policemen at the turnaround even cheered me and said, ‘bilisan mo, ikaw pa manalo’ and ‘ikaw pinakamaganda’ (for obvious reasons, I was the only girl eh).  This is Milo road, but the encounter feels a lot different than twenty days ago. LOL!

I overtook the fourth runner at 400 meters before the last turnaround.  Turns out distance was longer by about 1.2kilometers.  (We suspected that when they showed the map the day before).  Finished the race in exactly 30 minutes, not a PR even if I deduct the extra kilometer.  Not a PR yet a lot better – I finished fourth overall and first female.

And my podium finish pics went around the PNB offices around the country!

Elite Team BR, me and the PNB President

The Organizing Commitee and the Team BR

Happy anniversary to PNB!  And thanks for the Fun Run, rare times I get the chance to step on the podium. =)

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  1. Hi Tin, Great blog you got here. Very good coverage and fine writing from a busy entrepreneur and running addict. You just made the PNB Fun Run much more successful and credible with this beautiful piece. Im soooo proud of you. You know that you’ve been the inspiration, if not the reason for this RUN. I really would have loved to be your “running mate” but I just can’t because of my physical/health limitations. You are my marathoner because you’re gifted by the Lord with the talent, the vision and the passion to be God’s runner for me.


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