These are not Lotto Numbers, nor a serial number, or a secret code.  This is my annual plan of races until March 2011:

65K —->>> PAU P2P in Pagudpud on August 29

42K—->>>  Camsur Marathon on Sept 26

50K—>>>    PAU Tagaytay-Nasugbu on Nov 13

???  —>>>     end of November run

XX —>>>     another Ultra in January

42—>>>     Condura Full Marathon

102–>>>  BDM 102K

October, December and January are months with no race.  This will include a recovery week and mileage peak up again after for the next Ultra event…2011 will be focused on BDM preps.  Of course, I still have to run Condura as this is my first marathon (and this is when all the craziness started!).  This will be my tempo run for the BDM.  (lol, feeling hardcore ah!)

So, why am I posting this?  I don’t know, really, why?  I couldn’t even explain why I got myself into this.  I guess I just want it documented so my Mom and sisters would know where to find me.  This can serve as reference also for my support groups, plan your vacations ahead and build your resistance for 12 to 18 hours of support.

Well, once I have completed the numbers, I might as well go to the Lotto ticket booth and try my luck.  I might need those lotto winnings to support my crazy plan.

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  1. tin, there is a “surprise” PAU 50K run in october..i hope the Team BR-P will be able to join the said race. i’ll keep you posted as plans had been finalized.


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