Falling in Love….

Yes, after exactly one month together, I can’t help but fall in love with my new K-Swiss K-ona.

Initially, it was love at first sight…

I first saw a K-Ona when one of my teammates wore it in a 36k long run before Milo.  And we were all raving about it!

Immediately after our recovery week for Milo, and before we started our recovery party & drinking, we went to the newly opened K-swiss store in Glorietta (for some Recovery Shopping!).

Take your pick

The Boys (as expected) are quick to decide…

--- 4 K-ona's (red,blue & lime green), 1 Keahou & 1-Kswiss tubes -

While the girls need some time to decide…(kinda hard to choose when you’re dressed up!)

My K-swiss K-ona- still looks good in a dress, don't you think so?

I didn’t buy my K-ona’s at once.  I wanna be sure; I don’t want to decide on impulse!  I did some research online.  What was good though was two of our fastest (I mean really fast!) teammates are K-ona users and they really recommend the brand and the model.  And, of course, the style! Comfort and style, merged together, what more can a runner ask for? I’m convinced, I came back after a few days —->>> that was the afternoon of July 13!  Yes, exactly a month ago.  So today marks our monthsary…

We’ve been through a lot….

at the Dasma

10k race (break-in)….

It was only the third day of running together with my K-ona then.  Suffering with colds plus a real-tough route, I thought it is going to be a hard time for me so I had no plans of racing.

There were no adjustment period at all with my K-ona.  Not a PR race, but felt good afterwards!  I wish I was in good shape to race then =)




















5K Race

I always wear my lightweight/racing shoes for shorter distances.  I had second thoughts on wearing it but when I was dressing up and was wearing the black Ironman K-swiss shorts already, being geared up was prioritized than racing.  But, lo and behold! The shoes didn’t fail me.  After taking an easy 2k, I was able to push further at the last 4K (distance was longer) and chase all the leading runners to get the top female finish, 4th overall.

25K Long Run

Since I intend to use the shoes for longer distances, I used it in one of our long runs in Clark.  It was a very peaceful 25K.  No pains, no cramps, no blisters despite the fact that it was soaked already from the morning drizzle, dripping sweat and water doused on my head.

21K Race

As I’ve shared two weeks ago, this was a PR race for me.

They say a 21K race is a test of both speed and endurance.  I enjoyed this run so                   much, indeed a test of how long I can sustain my target pace within the distance.

It tested my gears as well, and my K-Ona didn’t fail me.  Each stride was so                            smooth and light.  The breathable top also helped given the very hot Macapgal                  road.

Exactly 96 kilometers, 31 days after, I am sure I have finally found the one….the one who would be with me for those kilometers ahead….

……indeed, love at each stride!

PAU P2P – 65K, here we come!

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