No to “What If’s in Pasuquin to Pagudpud!

What an eventful week it was…Is this a prelude to a more eventful weekend?

I have been looking forward to the end of August, August 29 to be exact.  It will be my first time to go to Ilocos and my second time to run an ultra marathon, this time 15 kilometers longer.

Preparations and trainings leading up to D-day have been all fun-filled, adventurous and PAINFUL.  In fact, as of this writing, I am still nursing and resting a sore right foot, probably acquired from continuous pounding on the road.  (I am hopeful it is nothing serious.  Glad that the more experienced ones tell me, it’s not.)

Finally, the final week has come.  Running is different compared to the final exam week in college, which involves lots of cramming.  In running, final week before the race means taper week – relax & easy short runs plus lots of eating and drinking!

For me, I always ensure that the week would be less stressful.  Indeed it was, except for some adjustments on the movement to our new office.

Monday,  the first day of the week, at around lunchtime, I learned about the hostage taking incident at the Quirino Grandstand.  I didn’t realize it was that serious until I saw the news or more of the live-PBB like broadcast of the incident in Quirino.

It was saddening.  I slept shocked of what has happened, mourning on the numerous lives that were taken that night.  I woke up with all the “What if’s” in my head.

Tuesday was Miss Universe day.  I worked from home while watching the Miss Universe.  Venus Raj is a good friend of my friends from the fashion industry.  I’ve seen her potential from the time she was discovered to how she bloomed into a girl who can possibly bring home the crown after so many years.  I had high hopes as I see her strut her way during the swimsuit and evening gown competitions.  Then the final question was asked, “What is the big mistake you’ve done in your life and what did you do to make it right?”. Click to watch

She was called in as the fourth runner up.  It was not the best answer, but hey, she did well in representing our country and making it top 5 already!   “What if’s” were in my head, and I’ve read tons of numerous negative comments in FB and twitter.   Had she given a better answer, are we celebrating right now and welcoming our third Miss Universe winner? Nah…give her a break and just be thankful!

Two days into tapering for me but I couldn’t help but be affected by what has happened.

Tuesday is the briefing and carbo-loading day for PAU P2P.  Probably, it’s time to get my mind back to the challenge ahead of me this Sunday.

Team Bald Runner Professionals at the Carbo Loading/Briefing Party

Wednesday came and my friend posted a video in YouTube.  Again, it has gained the attention, not only of the Filipinos, but of the whole world…going to 1.2M views, a feature in the Australian and local news, NYmag and counting…..

Watch them here

Watching it was a good relief.  I think my “what if’s” are clear now and a lot better.

What if …..Every Filipino sees the positive side on everything that has happened the way these four boys have celebrated the simple joy of Miss Philippines making it to the top 15…

It is true that we can never see anything positive on the hostage taking incident.  It is a fact that there are better answers in our heads for that Question.  But it has happened.  No amount of criticism can make it right.

I am thankful to Venus Raj for representing us and making us proud as Filipinos.  For giving us a good relief from the horrors of Monday night.

I believe that this has opened our eyes to several things that we need to address and we need to resolve –  I am not talking about PNoy, the MPD, the PNP, the media — but all of us, as Filipinos.  What has happened is a result of poor leadership (past and present), poor judgment calls, lack of training and the needed equipment, lack of self control of the media, and the Usisero and pointing finger habit of us, Pinoys.  Yes, I am guilty as my first instinct was to be glued and watch the news and give my uncalled for two cents on what was happening.

In my own little way, I will ensure that I am a good citizen of the country as I run my business and deal with the people I work with.  And I wouldn’t stop believing and PRAYING that change could and would happen!

Whew, too many events for the first half of the week……

Now, it’s back to reality. I packed my bag last night.  Today, I will have a good massage.  Tomorrow, I will do some last minute grocery for our supplies before we leave for Laoag on Friday night.

And this weekend, I pray and hope that I would not leave Pagudpud with a “What IF”……I will conquer the SIXTY FIVE KILOMETERS ultra marathon sans all the elements and my aching foot.  Pasuquin to Pagudpud Ultra Marathon!

And every step of it shall be offered to all the victims of the hostage-taking incident and the families they’ve left behind (Mendoza included), to all the Filipinos who are still hopeful and to all who have lost their hope.

Note:  PLEASE PRAY FOR US!  The roads ahead is a challenge.  Ugh, and they say it’s freaking hot in Ilocos now.  Drizzle please…

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2 replies

  1. Hi Tin.

    Congratulations! You are one strong runner – ultrarunner I must say. 🙂

    Enjoy your accomplishment and recover well.

    I hope you managed to taste local food and delicacies before you left Ilocos.




  2. Thanks Atty. Jon! We get inspiration from great ultrarunners like you. Good luck iand god bless your training for the November run.
    We did get to try everything and took home some. It has been my recovery food for the week =)


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