Saying Goodbye, Looking Around or Sticking to One? (Running Shoes Search)

I’ve been running for more than a year now.  And seriously running (for me, that means I prepare and train for my races) for ten months.  My dearest Newton has been my first companion when I ran my first 21k.

After two dead toenails, I started to experiment on other shoes, which is seven as of last count.  I had to empty two levels from my shoe rack to give way.

Two weeks ago, I saw my Newtons again.  It’s been so long huh! I decided to bring it with me for my tempo run.  (Probably, we can start all over again?)  I was fine with it until I have walked about five meters from the car.  It felt so tight and uncomfortable.  Good thing that I always keep two shoes in my car, I changed before my toenails started to lose their breathing space again.

I guess it’s time to say goodbye to my Newtons. =(  For Good!

Now, there is enough space in my shoe cabinet for another one.

Should I get a second pair of  K-swiss K-Ona ? Probably the lime green

Battered K-Ona

This is the one who has travelled with me through the roads of Pasuquin, the climb to the Burgos Lighthouse, the trail to the Rock Formation, the dirt roads along the Bangui Windmill and the neverending paved and ashpalted road of Bangui town proper until I reach the finish line of Pagudpud.  Tried and tested!

Or a new Asics DS Trainer


As long as it's yellow/lime green!

I’ve heard good reviews and they seem to match my preferences.  Too bad, they don’t have my size at Second Wind and no stocks at the Greenbelt branch.

Definitely, must have one – right before September ends!






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  1. You might want to try minimalist shoes. I transitioned from the same line of shoes that you have until I finally settled to minimalism and it is worth it. My feet and legs are far stronger now than wearing clunky shoes.


  2. Thanks Atty. Jon! I have one, and I’m using it only for short tempo runs and speed workouts – max of 10k runs. I’m not sure if my joints and ligaments are strong enough to wear it longer. I’ll take note and slowly test run it.


  3. Thanks Sir Pat! I only get to use 3 out of the 7 shoes I have now. My newton’s retiring while I always seem to encounter foot pains with my NBs. Adidas, Mizuno and K-ona are the only ones working well with me. So, I really deserve an extra pair or more…I will, I will get one or more then. Thanks for the suggestion!


  4. Thanks Kenley! Thanks for the comment. I’ve decided to get another pair of K-ona first which I will alternate with my fave pair of K-ona. I loved how it performed at the Camsur International Marathon, so it deserves the win. Just waiting for the arrival of their new batch which they say, would have more color options =) (Girls will still be girls when it comes to decision on shoes!). Also, getting a blade light also from K-swiss for my shorter distance race. Plus I have a new free racing flats arriving also this October. I still would love to have an Asics – hopefully they get my size here in Manila. But probably not this month. It might cost me an arm and a leg already with the shoe splurge plus a potential need for a new shoe cabinet. =)


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