Pacer Duties at the Adidas KOTR

Adidas KOTR is in my race schedule for the year.  My plan is to run the 21K distance as tempo/test run for me (part of my training).  It was so surprising that the slots were sold like hotcakes!  I planned to settle for a long run that weekend but one of our running buddies from the TGIS asked if we can be pacers for the event.  I didn’t think twice.  My team, together with other Team Yahoo runners will be the official pacers for 5k and 10K.

Blue, Pink, White Team!

My official assignment – Run 5 kilometers at 5:15 pace, finish time 26:15.

Patiently waiting at the starting line, exactly at 5:15 marker.ZZzzzz (Arrived at 4:30am for the briefing and we were sent off at 6:15 for the 5K run.)

We positioned ourselves at the exact markers.  With about 5thousand runners, no one actually minded to position at their target pace based on the markers.  Wow! There are 1000 runners ahead of us.  This would kill our start — we have to catch up the pace and weave around the crowd.

So, that’s what happened exactly.  At some point , I can’t even run and accidentally bumped into some runners who made sudden stops. (Sorry guys!)  The worse hit was with a guy in yellow Adidas singlet whose elbows hit me when a 10K runner ran our way, he stopped and then “Ouch”.  (Happened twice!) — I saw him at the finish line and he profusely apologized.  (It kinda feels like a swim leg of the triathlon where you get kicked and punched as described by triathlete friends — some sort of training huh!)

Zoned out, didn't get to smile for the Camera!

Right after the British School, the coast cleared a bit.  I was short of target at that time so I started to peak and when I opened my eyes, we were near the finish line.  (Kidding! There’s really not much stories on a 5K run for me, every minute is on full-run mode!)

Right on time!

Behind me is Gino throughout the run. Nike boy needs an Adidas girl as Pacer, huh! =) Thanks Gino!

Starving but still chatting. After the race, we ran an additional 10K run around.

It was a good morning run, a different one as we were not thinking of our own target.  (It could have been good to race this one but there is always next time.)  At the last kilometers when some runners started walking, I just tried to cheer and say “Let’s go, 26 min tayo!”.  Except for Gino, no one crossed the finish line exactly at the time I finished but two runners approached and thank me after the run.  Trying to chase after the lady in hot pink helped them hit Sub 30 for their 5K.  Given the chance, I would love to be a pacer again —- probably in December! =)

Oh, and my Adizero Mana rocks!  —- my second pair —- The ‘all hot pink gear’ is cool, but is not my style.  This will be another fave gear — but probably not paired up next time.

Thanks Arbee and Greentenial Run for the Pics!

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4 replies

  1. naku Len, di no! Mas mabagal kasi yun assigned pace sa kin, so it was easier.

    TBR, promise, I’ll pace you if I can keep up with you =)


  2. =) Thanks for the comment, Sir Pat! I might do 21K. Long run in prep for my favorite race – Condura! hahaha That was my first marathon and I wouldn’t miss that one.


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