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It was May of 2010 when I first had a taste of (1) an ultramarathon relay – two-day back to back run from Manila to Laguna to Rizal to Manila and (2) individual ultramarathon at the 1st PAU in Sierra Madre.  Prior to this event, I spent the weekends doing long runs with my running friends.  I told myself that after these runs, I can probably slack off a bit.  It never happened!

After PAU, had a week of R&R in Boracay and Milo preps came in.  It was not my first marathon, but compared to my preparation for Condura (the first one), I faithfully tried not to miss on the long runs I need for Milo.  (Okay, probably just one weekend,  when I went short of the plan).

Ah, how I look forward to Milo! I would have one free weekend.  Yes, just one free weekend since I need to get back on the road soon for PAU-65K (turns out 70K!) in Ilocos come August 29.

PAU came! Finally, some r&r! —- a few days, yes! Need to peak training back for Camsur Marathon which is happening at the end of September.

September 26 came and we enjoyed (and got punished by its heat!) the festive Camsur Marathon.  After Camsur, I had a week of R&R and accommodated the postponed birthday parties —- and was back on the road for a 25K long run the weekend after.

October was a little relaxed.  Not by choice though as I had to go out of town for a week for a business trip.  One week of no running! Heaven – just what I thought when I was there (no track visit, no long runs)!!!  —- I went back on the road for a long run as soon as I’m back in Manila.  I planned to cut it short to three hours, my lazy body might not be ready yet.  But as my garmin beeped 3-hours, I decided to just go and shoot for the target distance of 36k.  Finished it in 3:40.

Those were really tough weekends since May but I love it! Why am I doing this? My friends got tired of asking me….and more or less got used to my DNFs on party/dinner/coffee on Saturday nights.

What’s the point of my post actually? Nothing really, just realized how crazy I have become.  I am running my third ultramarathon – 50K distance this weekend from Tagaytay to Nasugbu.  Friends would ask me if I am prepared for it or if I prepared for it.  I hope so! No one can tell really.  My training plan was not focused on this race but the lifestyle I’ve had for the past couple of months (Running!) would help me get to the finish line this Sunday.

And I guess, I have to trust that my strength comes from the Lord!  And trust that He would protect me along with other ‘crazy’ runners like me.


It was just last year when I told Coach Titus that I will register for Condura Marathon in Feb 2010.  (And I started to faithfully train with the Speed Training Clinic of Team BR and do long runs —- missed some though especially during the holidays). Just thought of sharing this pics.

I can still be seen under the dim light of Ultra.

Senti mode – Exactly the first training day for Condura.  This is also my first pic with the Coach, team BR elites and Tere’s first day with the team.  Since then, she’s been my training partner (as we were the only two girls regularly attending).   She’s leaving for a year and haysss….will miss her!

A year after, with new friends in Clark (We’ve grown bigger).                                            And turned darker- Not just tan lines, but have embraced the new tone!

After this weekend, what’s next?  Probably, I will find out if I can still get my old tone back.  Consult my friend, a derma who’s been begging me to visit her.  If it’s not possible, then I guess, I’ll see you on the road!

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  1. You will do well. I can feel it. And as your support for the race, I am very excited to “share” this journey with you. Good luck on Sunday, crazy ultramarathoner Tin!


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