Blast from the Past 2011 – December

December equates to the holiday season.  That means, we can get get additional milleage from shopping for gifts, carboloading from parties, and strength training from traffic and late nights.  Well, I wish I can enjoy the same.

I started December by plotting my training schedule.

  • Monday-rest day
  • Tuesday am – swim
  • Tuesday pm-crossfit
  • Wed am – spinning/short bike ride
  • Wed pm – speed workout
  • Thu am- swim
  • Thu pm- crossfit
  • Fri am-rest
  • Fri pm-speed workout
  • Sat -rest
  • Sunday – long run

I was able to keep up with the schedule struggling with the speed workouts as December equates to Get-together dinners and parties.

I decided to give up on the back-to-back long runs.  I feel that my body is not ready for that much of pounding.  Focus was on core strengthening and leg workouts.  I can’t afford to miss on the weekend long runs.

First off the schedule was the Quezon City International Marathon on December 5. I was assigned as an official pacer to set pace for runners of the 21K who wants to finish in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Enjoyed my pacer duty! Thanks Neil for joining me run at that pace.

21K done in 2:11, had to run an extra 2.5k though as the race route was almost 24 kilometers.  Overall, the race was well-organized except for the extra distance.

The ING 20K Run the following weekend came in perfectly being scheduled on a Saturday morning.  This means, we’re free to stay late for any Saturday night thing.

I think it has been a recurring thing, I entered the finish line chute as the fourth female again.  Overall, I was happy with this race.  I have learned some new techniques on running form for the past week and on how to maintain an even pace throughout.  The goal was to apply this and maintain a 5:30mpk pace which I was able to achieve.  Jerry who has  been running with me has tried to push me several times to go and attack the downhills and just leave him so I can chase the other female runners.  I was on fifth place then.  (I knew there wasn’t any top finishers awarding except for the overall top finishers who will get extra chance to win the slot at the New York Marathon.)  And, I am on self-imposed discipline on pacing myself, no speed burst this time!  Ah, sweet finish! It was a very good race with free breakfast and unlimited Krispy Kreme.  Now, I can attend a party and not DNF it tonight!

Six days before Christmas.  This is the last weekend run as I want to devote Christmas to properly celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and spend as much time with my family and relatives.  Fortunately, there is a race which is to start in Tiendesitas-the Pioneer Mighty Bond Race. I can actually run from the house to the starting line in two minutes!

I joined the ten kilometer run.  This will be a time trial for me to check what is really doable on my speed workouts and on my goals for my next marathon.  We started the race together with the 15k runners.  I do not know exactly how many female runners joined.  I can see a few Kenyans and the elite female runners.

We are to take two loops.  The route actually takes us around the Valle Verde area, not an easy route as it means we have to climb the St Martin hills twice!  I just tried to put one foot in front of the other.  I had a slow start, the lack of sleep from a late night dinner and coffee (it’s December, so pls excuse me) before the race is not a good idea.  At the last loop, I tried to increase my pace and meet my target time.  I finished the race in 54 minutes for a 10.8kilometer distance, enough again for a fourth place-female finish.   Hay, sayang!  I was looking forward to that beautiful trophy and a cash prize for a Mcdo breakfast.  I think I’m being doomed to race extra distance this month and end up as fourth place!  What’s good about this race is they awarded the top five finishers.  Being fourth place, I took home a GC and a shirt and this picture on-stage.

My Christmas take home

As I posted in my facebook account, I am off to rest and will be back on the 27th.

After a reflective and fun Christmas break in Baras, I had to be back on Sunday in time for the Rizal Day Run on Monday morning.  This will be a training run for me as I really am missing on my milleage rack up for Condura and BDM.

Rizal Day Run is on its second edition.  This marks my first longest run last year in preparation for my first full marathon.  Organized by the Bald Runner, we’re quite sure that this will be a good one.  Simple but perfect!  It is also a sort of Christmas gathering for runners as almost everyone I know in the running community will be running.  Order for the day: Enjoy!

Rizal Day Run - Second Place-Female

I guess, it was indeed my lucky day.  I only wanted to enjoy the run and meet my mileage reqs.  I finally was able to beat my consecutive fourth female finish —- I crossed the finish line as 2nd Female.  Now, this caps my 2010 races.

I couldn’t thank God enough for a good year in running.

I thank Him for the protection – keeping me injury free.

I thank Him for the provision – it’s becoming expensive for me with race fees climbing up, nutrition and hydration I need to buy, gears and the fashion in it (yeah, it matters for me),  etc eyc.

I thank Him for the surprises – I started my racing year with a Podium finish as 2nd female at the Assumption Run and ended it with another 2nd Place finish (I think I climbed within the year, climbed to first place twice and had a few runner ups ).

I thank Him for the friends I have made this year, my teammates, my running mates, my new running friends in FB, my co ultraruners, friends from Crossfit, the elite runners, tons of them!

I thank him for “He is the source of my strength!

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