CONDURA MARATHON – where it all started!

Even before the registration opened, I already have marked the first weekend of February as my next marathon. MUST RUN!  I have mixed feelings for this race.

EXCITED! This is my debut marathon last year and it feels like a celebration of my marathon anniversary.  (or defined better as my entry into the crazy world of running leading into ultrarunning)

PRESSURED! I have set goals for myself.  I know that I have to set, at a mimimum a PR and should definitely improve from my 4:45 performance last year.

HAPPY! Everyone is joining this marathon.  Except for my friend Neil, who had a bike accident, I can’t remember a name who wouldn’t be there (either as runner or as support)

Since this is quite a late post, I couldn’t remember exactly the blow by blow sequence of the race.  (I am quite known to remember every single detail)  Or probably, I was too focused on the race.

It was an easy first five kilometers in the Fort.  I was running side by side my friend, Jan as we have the same pace target for the first 5.  We had some comic incident which is something for the books.  Having a good start, I know this is going to be a good race.  I plan to drop behind by the flyover as he plans to have a sudden peak already in pace.  I decided to just trail behind Jan, maintaining him in site and paced with Macky, Mark and Jerry.

athlete photo

Finally, at the foot of the flyover, I saw my support and I had a sip of gatorade.  Ahhh I really wish they serve other options if there will be carbonated drinks at the stations.  Glad though that we are made aware of this already, so I have made my own hydration plan.

I was just putting one foot in front of the other together with the three boys until the turnaround at the Skyway.  Jerry started walking and is having a hard time.  After checking if he is okay, I started to pick up my pace.  (I knew he is going to catch up later on)  I have some catching up to do but I was still on target.

Even in the dark, runners would greet me.  I just raise my hand or smile to acknowledge.  I was really zoned out for this race.

By kilometer 30th when the sun was up and there was only 12 kilometers to go, I can feel a sharp object under my toes.  I can’t remember stepping into any broken glass?  I started pushing it sideways without stopping which made me feel uncomfortable.  Hay, pain you just got  to ignore.  It turns out the small dead toenail peeled off and that was the culprit.

Before descending from the Skyway, in pain! Thanks to Pat Concepcion for the picture

I just keep pushing and running and pushing as much as I can.  I have slowed down since the 35th kilometers but still in the game.

athlete photo

Finish line! Finally, last turn to the finish line and I can smell a PR. 4:16.  Sweeeet!

It was below my set target for this race but I am happy with it.  At the end of the race, I am thankful for I know that I got what I prayed for – a happy and injury-free run!  Off to the next marathon to meet my goal.  (Next Condura, let’s see!)

I have emailed my Congratulations to Pat Concepcion (one of the Condura duos), but I wanna post it again here.

>Congratulations on a very successful Condura Skyway marathon!!! It is indeed the best and ‘is an ‘amost perfect’ race.  I can’t wait for the 2012 edition.

Finish Line!


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