Bataan Death March 2011-Intro

WOW! Ten days have passed since the Bataan Death March.  All the pains are gone, the chaffing has healed, dry skin has peeled off, tan lines are fading, but I am still on a HIGH.  Yes, I conquered the 102 kilometers of the Bataan Death March last March 5-6, 2011 in 14 hours and 40 minutes!

I was the 3rd female and 30th overall finisher (out of 142 participants).

How do I start with my recap of that feat? It might take me another fourteen hours to write it, so let me start by thanking everyone who made it happen.


My two sisters and bestee, Rhea


Mark and Jobert


24/7 support Yan2 and driver, Edgar (not in the pic)

The Bald Runner and the Ms. Madamme Rowena for bringing BDM to our country (BR in white, Madamme not in the picture). Their care towards runners (noob to veteran to elites) and valuable sharing of knowledge and resources are much appreciated.

The Elite Team Bald Runner (with Madamme Rowena). Thanks to you guys for being patient with us during the Speed Training Clinic at Ultra and AFP Grandstand. You will always be part of our story and success.

Coach Titus Salazar (second from left). the S-Form is FTW!!!  His bounce, bounce, bounce is defeaning at the track and at the 102K quest.  Thanks for believing and always challenging me to go further! (Ready to have the warrior stance now) This pic was taken last year before BDM 2010

Thanks also to all my Teammates, friends in the running community,  my Mother (for the morale support and the free PH7 water-the best water in the world haha), to my relatives and friends for all the prayers, support and well-wishes.  I also dedicated this run to my Father who is probably the only one in the family with an athletic blood (He didn’t really get to see that I’ve got his genes, too.  Well, I’m sure he was watching and I’ve made him proud.)

To all the support crew and teams who were there: Team Boring, CB, Ungas,Fairview,Hings,Powerpuff,Real Life,SnailRunners,Secondwind, Alabang(everyone!) for cheering us as we pass and the kind offer for anything.

To the spectators and fellow runners who went there to support and cheer, special mention to Jael (for the last minute tips and the cheers at the last stretch), Charlie (the short sharing of your BDM tips at one of our track runs helped and for the cheers also at the last stretch), Vener and Cristy (for those pics and for cheering me at the last 5k), Rico (not sure if I got your name right-the guy in blue on a bike), Marga/Irene/Carina and company (I love those pompoms).

To BDM Veterans – Jonel (for the countdown in 2010 which gave me no to choice but to sign-up, hope you’re in full recovery now), Mang Vic (for inspiring us to do it) and to the others who shared their recipe to success last year (props to Luis and Abby), Chito and Mel (160 vets), DocT (my dear FB friend), Atty. Jon (for his blog which is a source of info-props to Precy and Team Clark-idol!)to all the Veterans for starting the craziness!

To all my BDM 2011 batchmates with whom I shared the starting line, the 102K stretch and the finish line with,  we did it!

And to all those who took nice pics!!!  What’s a feat without documentation, right?

Before  I toe the starting line, we heard mass and the priest in His homily keeps on repeating “The Lord is my Rock”.  Indeed, He is.  Praise God!

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5 replies

  1. Congratulations for the fast finish, Tin! This applies to both your races and to your blog entries (5 months worth in 4 days). Haha! Cheers to more PRs this year, and a BQ, too.


  2. wow. . .(na special mention pa ako) 🙂

    CONRGRATULATIONS Tin. . . (160 na tayo next year ha)



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