The Road to BDM

CONDURA is done.  Now, the BDM jitters has started.  I am a month away from the longest race of my life – the BDM!

I have not followed the typical ultrarunners’ training plan.  There are weeks that my milleage has gone down to 50K, maximum is 75kilometers.  Focus is given on daily leg strengthening drills, Twice a week short and high-intensity crossfit workout, 12 K run at 200 cadence on certain days with focus on maintaining a relaxed running form-quick short stride, speed drills on certain days at the track with focus on maintaining consistent speed slower than my 800s and 400s time.  One long run per week was done, preferably under the heat of the sun.  I am not sure if I’ve got the right formula, but such training was what my schedule and my body can afford.  (Given that I have been running for less than two years only)

Can I really do it? I know that I wanted to be in the league of BDM conquerors.

I declared that in my profile in FrontRunner where I was a contributor.

October 2010 issue of FrontRunner

In my interview also for the Crossfit Manila website, I was given three wishes for 2011 and finishing the BDM was one of them.  (Of course, I would still want a free Crossfit workout).  Here’s a link to the interview by the Crossfit Headhoncho.

I have declared my dream to the world (or I mean to the running community!).

Let’s do the Test Run. The BDM Test Run which was scheduled the week after Condura Marathon will be my gauge of how far I can go.  It is the exact route of the BDM from kilometer 50 to 102.

Running through the Heat, Speeding Bus and Jeepneys, Paved Road and Pollution

I brought driver Eric as support so he can familiarize himself with the route already and on how to support.  It wasn’t easy given that we started late at around 6:30am.  After 6 hours and 12 minutes, I reached the 102 kilometer mark.  I finished as the fifteenth runner, second female.  I still feel strong after those six hours.

Except for the very slow start and numerous chikas at some pitstop, I have tested my strategy for BDM after reaching the 20th kilometer mark.  Ahhh, I can do it! Now, the question lies, can I do the same thing after running 50 kilometers?

Test Run, Test Pictorial at the Dream Finish Line on March 6

Back-to-back Run and Ride. The day after the test run, I took the bike out for a ride again in Nuvalli.  It will be a good back to back workout.  (I know, I should not have!)   I went with friends Gerald, Macky and Neil.

I asked them to go ahead and not wait for me, Ge would come back to give me instructions on where to turn.  Despite that, I still missed their turn and took the long route going to the Canlubang Golf Club.  After a few kilometers of not seeing them, I made a u-turn back to nuvalli and just went around the flat area.  It was a good leg-workout given the rolling terrain.  I felt I’ve had enough of ride already and I am at peace with my bike again.  So, I made my way back and turned right to that steep hill leading back to the parking lot.  (I dread downhills!)  And what I have been avoiding for several months happened.  In split seconds, I feel myself flying, and saw my bike tumbling away from my me.  After checking myself, I ran to my bike and got off the road to avoid further mishaps.  I was shaking alone and was just praying.  Passersby and other bikers who saw me went to check and I said I was fine.  I couldn’t believe I only got bruised knees (big bruises!) and a few scratches on legs, hands and arms.  Wow! Angels could have cushioned my fall.  I have uttered a prayer for protection as I flew away from the bike.

After the incident, I knew I want to conquer my BDM dreams.  Would you believe, one of my first thoughts as I fall was, “Oh no, my BDM!”

After that tiring weekend, the month of February just breezed through.  The workouts at the track were a lot more relaxed and easier as it was at a slower pace and was focused on disciplining myself to maintain short quick stride.

The following weekend, we had another long run in UP taking several rounds of CP Garcia, Katipunan and back.  This shall be my last long run.  I felt a bit of discomfort on my left foot at kilometer 25 so I stopped while Jerry and Helen did another 8 kilometer loop.  I hope the heat exposure and ‘usok’ exposure is enough to add spice to my BDM preparations.

The last two weeks was more of mental preparation, and spent on finalizing my BDM plans.  It involves planning my support crew, hydration, nutrition, lodging, among others.  As much as I mentally prepared myself, I still couldn’t take the nervousness away.  I have requested close friends to include me in their prayers.  I tried to stay healthy as much as possible, being conscious of what I eat.

The last weekend was spent at the beach with my high school best friends.  Perfect time to relax and take my mind off BDM – well, in a place that is a few kilometers away from the starting line =)  It turned out to be a not-so relaxed weekend as my friend’s son wouldn’t let me go, and has staged a mini-sportsfest between the two of us.  From swim, run by the beach, volleyball and (ugh) football.  I went home with a sore middle toe from a wrong kick of the ball-barefoot.  (Can this be reason enough to bail out of BDM?)





I’m so glad there is no available bike in the beach.

Last Five Days to BDM


  • Minimum Goal – Finish within cut-off
  • Realistic Goal – Finish in 16 hours
  • Challenge – Finish in 14-15 hours

I have set this as my target even in the plotted pace per kilometer.

I have received mixed well-wishes which are on the extreme sides: 1) from betting on me at the podium or even betting a good over-all ranking or a 12-hour finish and 2) requesting me to please come out alive and warning me to stay safe as they know there is no way they can stop me from joining.

My friend told me to relax as it is just a run and at any point, I can quit.  I know that to QUIT is not an option.  I have gone so far and I will toe the starting line and conquer my BDM dream.


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