When It’s Time To Say Goodbye


We’ve been through a lot

We’ve gone to places

We’ve travelled so many roads

It has been a journey full of happiness and pain (or more of pain)….

My K-swiss Blade Light, it’s probably time to retire as my racing shoes.

You’ve done a good job: two ultramarathons (one of them the BDM 102K), one marathon, two 32Ks, two 21Ks and several short distance races!   (And this doesn’t include training runs.)

Good job, my Blade Light!

K-swiss Blade Light has been my racing shoes since the last quarter of last year.  I fell in love with it so my K-swiss K-Ona was demoted to a training-shoes role.

And I even used it for the BDM 102K.!  When I asked a Veteran Ultramarathoner if it’s a good idea to use the shoes for a 50K Ultramarathon, I was told, “Yes, but not for BDM.”  Why did I still use it, then?  I just feel I needed something light to finish the race.   My legs feels heavy after the long travel and it needs something airy and comfortable.  Blade Light, it is! (Amongst the four back up of running shoes I brought in my support car.)

The shoes weigh about 9.3 ounces,. It is so light and comfy that I barely notice it on my feet.  It has the bounce, yet it gives a firm ride. (As explained in their site, it uses an EVA foam which is in blade form and this causes a sturdy bounce.)  It is super airy, which keeps my feet from overheating on the long distances that I have been racing.  Surprisingly, unlike other racing shoes, it lasted longer despite the beating I subjected it to.   It is still in good form but probably not in it’s best condition for my long distance races.  (I believe it would be best to get an alternate shoes and use it and rotate it as one of my shoes in training)

Yes, it’s time to say Goodbye.

We got to end this while the memories we have are still blissful.

Let’s not wait for the day when I could feel the blisters from you.

Don’t worry Blade Light, I will still keep you.

We’ll still be friends (during training days).

Now, off to my search for a new racing shoes.

Here are my options:

ASICS DS Trainer 16 - A totally new one, haven't tried it but looks like a good choice from what I've read so far.

Adidas Supernova Sequence 3 - This is my first full Marathon shoes. Too bad, we parted ways last year. Tried and tested. Should I try the 2011 model?



K-Swiss Kwicky Blade Light – This brand has given me so much comfort. I would say, less adjustment needed. Same brand, different model.


The search is on….but wait, what’s my next race?  I got to plot my 2011 race calendar first.  Why do I have this feeling that everything has just started?


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