Giving it my Best

I read this in one of the event posters while running as pacer at the TBR Dream Marathon.

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift” –  Steve Prefontaine

Steve Prefontaine was an American middle and long-distance runner back in the 70’s.  He died from an accident even before I was born.  Out of 153 races, he has won 78 percent of it.  Read more here.

At the mass last Sunday, as I was praying for guidance on my short-term and long-term plans (in life and in sports-yes, including sports), this phrase keeps on repeating in my thoughts.


After the BDM 102K two weeks ago, I am quite at a loss on what to do next.

  • File my retirement (self-declared) – This has been my declaration with my friends that the race will be the ultimate one (and the last one).
  • Go into multisport – I have plans to start on focusing on swim and bike skills in training and probably join some events before the year ends
  • Focus on beating my personal best – Since BDM is done, I feel like I can risk going all-out in my races for the year.

So many options, yet I have decided to stay on my retirement-mode state (defined as lazing around, sleeping late, waking up late (late is 6am for me).

I was back in good shape two days after BDM (except for an irregular eating habit which makes me hungry after 30 minutes).  Recovery run – in order? NO!  The thought of lacing up nauseates me.  Let’s give it a week.

Eight days after, with so much prodding from my friend, Smacky, I went back to Crossfit.  I’m back in the box, welcomed by the warm smiles and congratulations by the usual suspects.  The Workout for the Day was more on push-press and dead lifts – no legs, Yes! But oh no, I’m quite poor on this one.  Coaches Miggy and Matt, patiently pushed me throughout.  I won’t even describe how my friend, Karen and the rests who finished 22 minutes ahead (the first one, Pau) pushed me to finish.  I almost forgot we’re friends and throwing the bar was already an option to declare a DNF at the last repetition.  (BDM nga you finished, then you’ll DNF here!).  I finally finished everything, 30 seconds before the clock stopped.  Hays, my legs should probably do those push press.

I went to the track the following morning (I need to as I have to run 21K on March 20 as pacer).  I had a 2K warm-up and a 5-kilometer ATP workout (75m-speed and 25 m-jogs).  My legs felt heavy.  Either Len has really gone so much faster or I have gone so much slower; I can’t keep up at her pace.  (I guess it’s both).  After two minutes rest, we should be back for another 5K, I bailed out.  The sun is already punishing and I couldn’t take it (I probably had so much for the month already from the BDM).  Coach Titus gave me a deep tissue massage on my legs which assured me that the pain I had at BDM is not an injury.  Everything is good!

I should be back to regular programming.  The next few days gave me some more bail-out moments.  I didn’t go swimming, nor did any other running or strength training for the week.  I thought I deserve a few more days of rest, a few weeks or a few months.

I ran the TBR Dream Marathon as pacer last Sunday.  I have committed already to my friend and training buddy, Len.  Otherwise, it was tempting to excuse myself. (will post my race report on this soon)

When pushing is getting painful, and that's the best that your body can give, Just give it your best smile - when you see those Cameras. Thanks Migs Castro for always capturing our emotions in your shots!

After the TBR Dream Marathon, while driving home, I was so keen on taking my option 1.  BDM Done, Pacer duty done – I can RETIRE!


I was ready to lock-up my gears and probably go back to playing tennis or basketball (?) or do yoga, until that silent moment last Sunday during the mass. “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift”. I wasn’t born an athlete, but I was gifted with resources (i.e., time, coach, friends, healthy lifestyle) to be able to train properly and work my way to what I have conquered so far.  The gift list can be endless, but what matters most is:  I have two legs.  And I have decided to continue putting one foot in front of another and give it my best.


I’m back on the track this morning.  2K warm-up, Drills, Stairs workout (50m x 10) and Speed workout (60m x 15 with 40m jog), 400m cool down.  (Bailed out on the cool down by 1.6k as the heat of the sun is still unfriendly).

Except for the nauseatic feeling for each sun exposure, I am definitely back!

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