Lessons from my First Week Comeback

After about two weeks of “couch potato” mode, I tried to go back to my regular routine this week.

I missed on my recovery run on Monday and decided to rest my legs as the pain I had last BDM recur during my TBR pacer role last Sunday.  The pain was gone on Monday morning but I feel like it deserves some more resting.  Tuesday will be a test.

It was so hard to wake up early on Tuesday but I felt I needed to run.  This will be my gauge if I need to see a doctor or not.  I was at the track at 6:30 which is a bit too late.  After a 2 kilometer warm-up which did not give me any pain, I was confident that I am back – not a hundred percent – but at least, being sidelined is not an option.

I just need to get back my legs up to speed again.  I went up the Ultra stairs and did about 10 repetitions.  I’ve been doing this workout with my team mates since last year.  We incorporate this whenever we’re back to base building and there is no major race upcoming.  It feels easier this time though, I guess training has paid off.  (There is still a feeling of dying every time I reach the top but not as much.)  After the stairs, I ran 15 repetitions of 60 meters with 40meter jog in between.  A cool down run of two kilometers is next in order.  Since I started quite late, it was already hot when I was running at the track.  I couldn’t bear the heat of the sun so I cut it short to one round at the oval.

Wednesday should be swim day and crossfit after work.  I failed on waking up early for it and was too tired for a night workout; tomorrow’s run should make up for it.

The tartan surface is ideal to pamper my battered legs from BDM.

I did the same drills on Thursday, but I increased my repetitions on the track to forty times, total of 4K.  Midway, it was a struggle, legs felt heavy and I feel so slow.  After 2 kilometers, sans the heat, I got the groove and started enjoying the lung busting workout.  One Ultra bystander asked me after a workout if I run long distance, he noticed I ran faster towards the end.  (I felt it’s a nice compliment to get after a suicidal-like work out.)  Time to cool down; I did cut short again to 800 meters.  (I have a valid excuse of not having a sun block on.)

Finally, I went back to Crossfit on Friday night.  I haven’t sweat as much in a 30-minute workout which includes push press, front squats and hammer curls.  My phone was ringing even before I finished my workout.  (Girls Night Out calling!)  After quickly changing my clothes, I drove to my friends’ house, showered and started the GNO chikas and margaritas.  (All these while my arms were still shaking and my legs feeling wobbly).

30 Minutes-Workout at Crossfit Gym. I die!

What a week!

To think, my workouts are not yet that intense. I am back to strengthening and building my base again for the next few weeks.  This is rest-off season period for me =)

Lessons Learned From This Week

Don’t miss out on cool down after a workout.

A light cardio for a few minutes is required after each work out to bring heart rate down at a slow and steady pace.  After a run, specially a speed work out, cool down run at slow pace prevents the lactic acid from building up.

I have cut short on my cool down run after my two workouts, even in my Crossfit work out.  My legs felt heavy the morning after, feeling like a log.  I did a very slow jog-walk to shake it off and it disappeared.  It could have been worse.  Driving immediately after my crossfit work out almost got me in trouble at the road, almost missing my turn.  (Alright, this one is nothing new!)

Early to Rise=Early to Bed

Complete sleep is necessary.  Since avoiding the sun is my order for the next few weeks/months (beach trips not included), then, I need to go back to my 5 am schedule.  Ahhh, seems like I got no choice here.

Recovery Drink and Food

It has been a routine for me to have protein drink after each work out.  Adjusting back to the routine, I tend to forget packing one in my bag this week.  They say that a protein-intake after a training workout helps to rebuild muscles damaged during a workout and improves muscle hydration.  I should probably prepare a checklist until I’m back to my old self when I can do everything related to my work out schedule with closed eyes.

Now, swimming and biking, should I get you in the calendar again.  (Soon?)

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