An Awesome Quarter Ending-Week

The week has been quite busy with various work commitments.  I do not have anything planned-workout, long runs, race.


Since we are not seriously training for any race, we decided to take our crossfit workouts to the next level  —- daily attendance at the box, let’s try!?!

The week started with a DNF on the Crossfit workout for the day.  I thought doing burpees were easy, but doing 30 counts of it after pull-ups and kettlebells for four rounds (?!?) – nah, my head is spinning as the timer buzzed (and I have one more 30-count of burpees to complete-DNF!).  Ahhh with bruised ego, we all retired for the night.  That was one workout for the books! (The following days turned out as intense as Monday, no DNFs but was always had buzzer-beating finishes.)

Other than a bruised ego, what’s good with this week is I’ve seen how much stronger I’ve turned out after only a few months of Crossfit.  Lifting weights were easier.  You should have seen me shake last January.  (I’m not as monstrous as the other girls in the box who can do the workouts in the prescribed (Rx) weights, but I’ll get there – not so soon but slowly I’ll get there.)

You can read more about Crossfit on their website or visit the box for free trials.  Yes, I swear by its addicting effect.  – an addiction that’s good for all types of fitness goals-strengthening, weight loss, endurance, among others.


I didn’t wake up in time for my morning runs on Tuesday.  Probably out of tiredness from the night’s workout or due to the late night DVD marathon I had.  (I guess more of the marathon.)

Thursday comes and I know, I should at least log a run.  (Or I’ll turn out cranky in ten counts.)  So, I logged my usual warm-up, stairs workout and cool down workout and stretches.  I can feel my legs becoming a lot stronger on the stairs workout and breathing is a lot easier even with a little push on the speed reaching the top.


Sunday- It’s time to start logging mileage; my Garmin is getting bored again.  I joined my friends Smacky and Jan in their long run.  The initial plan was to start from Jan’s house to UP and back.  A little of Katipunan fumes would be fine, I told myself.  Come Sunday morning, we changed plans and decided to go to The Fort instead.  Traversing the roads going towards C5 was just fine.  As we reach C5, the ordeal started.  It kinda feels like a torture – fumes and speedy vehicles – I thought I was to avoid you for several months after BDM.  Since we have no choice but to reach Fort, we took a faster pace traversing the Highway.  Jan was dictating the pace and I though we should run faster as I do not feel safe to run on some areas.  Reaching The Fort was like being home – fresh air!  We logged another 7 kilometers going around the route of the 5-K race of Good Run.  As we made our way back to C5, we’ve already logged a total of 16 kilometers.  “Do I really need to do this? ”  I’ve let my mind decide.  The answer was “No”.  I do not have any upcoming race and I only need an hour and a half run to tick my training calendar.  I walked back towards Serendra and hailed a cab going to Jan’s house while the two continued their run. It took several minutes before a cab let me in. I wonder if it’s really the route or if I smell like a dog, sweaty and drenched with C-5 usok.

It cost me P150 from The Fort to Jan’s house.  I didn’t realize it’s that expensive to take a cab right now.  (I knew something’s wrong with the taxi meter but the morning’s so fine for an argument.)

Lesson for the week:  Now, I know, it is 50% cheaper to run 10 kilometers heading home.  A power gel is only P75.

The Quarter has ended full of awesomeness, thanks be to God! April to June seems pretty exciting, as well.

(Looking forward, no turning back.  Cheers!)

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