Hibernation Mode, yes, probably that’s what I call my state now in terms of training and racing.  I planned to do a comeback and start my training again last month but circumstances changed at work which made me decide to cut down a little on my training schedule.  I’ve maintained my regular crossfit workouts, my weekday run was trimmed to once a week and my long runs have never gone longer than two hours.  Instead of swimming twice a week, I swim with my friend-coach Karen on Saturdays.

View at Regina Rica, Tanay, Rizal. Good place to emo and pray. (5-minutes from the highway in Sierra Madre where we always run for training)

Holy Week came and unlike last year, I purposely didn’t pack anything for my workout when I went on vacay.  I thought it would be a good time to enjoy, relax and devote more time to prayers.  At that time, I came across this song which I initially loved for it’s so melancholic.  As you go through the lyrics, emotions would set-in.  It speaks so much of my relationship with God. ….when there is nowhere to run, He finds me.

Have a blessed Easter friends!  Let’s run, for we are blessed with  legs and feet to run with and a path to run on.

Here’s the lyrics and oh, it is probably not just  a coincidence that we were caught on cam in the video of this song when they were shooting at  the Ultra track – t


Tired of chasing answers one by one

Maybe this illusion’s not for me

When the fire is but an ember cold and done

Which way do I turn?

Refrain 1:

And I vaguely hear a call to let go

Left behind by all that I know


How do you fly when the sky’s not blue

Kiss the rainbow goodbye

Kiss the rainbow goodbye

So hard to see through the tears in my eyes

How do you fly

When you’ve got nowhere to run

Nowhere to run Before

I lose control of everyhting in this life

Your eyes find mine

I surrender all that I am

The sky is full of miracles tonight

Oh Lord which one is mine?

I run to you this time

Refrain 2:

But I’m drawn to heed the call to let go

Hope the fall will be sweeter

Only now I pray (repeat chorus)


I feel You now

I’m stronger as my defenses fade away (repeat chorus)

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