“To Hell and Back, Just Faster”

Oops, the title is not something I claim I am right now.  It’s actually a tagline I read in an article shared at Crossfit Manila’s facebook page.  Click here to read more http://www.scribd.com/doc/47067859/Tri-Athlete-Mag-Feb-2011-Crossfit-Endurance-article.

It really caught my attention and woke me up back to my senses.

Fact No. 1 —- Running has taken a backseat since April.

My last speed workout at the Ultra was sometime before the Holy Week.  It was supposed to be the start of a program I am to follow.  My last long run was Easter Sunday, April 23 — not even a long one — is 16K considered a mini-long run? (or is there such a thing)?  A 5k the following weekend followed then things just seem to go on a holiday in running.  For the month of April, though, I was consistently attending Crossfit for at least two -three times a week.  It should have been enough to maintain my fitness level…until mid May came and I found myself returning my packed water bottle and Gatorade back to the fridge everyday.

I guess I can claim this title —– To Hell —– For a workout addict like me, who defines Sweating and Aching as I get pushed by the coaches during workout as heaven, then I’ve been to hell.

Fact No. 2 – I am not yet Back!

I went back to Ultra for speed workout on May 12.  To check how frozen my legs have become, I did 10x200meters with 200m-jog intervals.  Target is about 10 seconds less than my previous average of 39-42.  It helped that I was pacing with someone who has the same target, I wasn’t tempted to go all-out as I start.  I think I’ve kinda matured in following target pace, a 50-second finish time was maintained for the first four.  Then, I picked pace at 47 seconds on the next two.  Knowing that, it’s only 10 reps and since Ultra is getting hotter and hotter, I pushed the last 3 and finished all at 42 seconds.  I feel slow but happy knowing that I am not that far from where I used to be at.

The weekend which used to be packed with fitness activities was spent moving to a new place.  I wonder if that counts.  So, I made it a point not to miss my Tuesday sched.  It was my good friend Nam’s birthday so we did an easy 3k-warmup, Stairs workout 5omx10 and drills.  I’m scheduled to do 200mx15 but due to lack of enough time (birthday breakfast is waiting!), I  finished 3 and called it a day.  I did the workout after office and wohooo, got the average of 42 seconds.  I felt my legs needed to wake up some more, so I just did a 50m speed-50m jog for 5K two days after.

Crossfit workouts was still done once a week, though I’ve planned to do 3x a week.  Traffic, rain plus an erratic schedule caused me to miss it several times.

So, did I really make a comeback? Nah, I am scheduled for a comeback race last Sunday.  It was for 10 kilometers around the hilly roads of Ultra.  Except for the heat, I am quite confident I can do it at my target pace, probably not a PR.  But, lo and behold.  I tripped as I exit Ultra, 400 meter in the race which made every landing of my right foot painful.  I changed stride and landed flat without push as I leap throughout.  Being in the lead pack, pushed me to hang on.  After all, it’s just 10K.  The pain won’t subside though so I started to slowdown.  About one kilometer on the last loop, I decided to DNF and started to walk-break.  I entered Ultra and finished almost 6K in about 32 minutes.  First DNF – CHECK!

Fact No. 3 – Faster?  I am not really sure if I am ready to break any PR.  I haven’t done any regular speed workout.  I haven’t done any long runs consistently.  I haven’t been crossfit-ing for weeks.

We’ll see.  As far as running is concerned, I feel though that it was easier to hold on to the fast pace of 42 seconds and was able to do it without the suka-feeling (throwing up at the end).  For my crossfit workouts, I did the Cash-out last night and was able to max-out at 95lbs for the front squats. (10lbs heavier than last month!)  Have I mentioned I am also 10lbs heavier now?  (You won’t see as much trace though…wink…wink…)

Haysss, I only wish I can be consistent with my schedule again as I used to.

I told Ferdie Catabian (Crossfit coach and Elite Triathlete) that I would want to be able to say that soon, “To Hell, Back and Faster”…….after some chit chats, free advice and consultations (yes, it goes with my Crossfit memebership hahaha; just corner the guy), he asked – what are you preparing for?  And, ohhhh….I have actually forgotten.  It’s too late to prepare for the 60K PAU Ultramarathon (meaning, if I joined, it will be a just-to-finish race), no plans to do Milo, no plans to do MIM…!!!! I   g o t   t o    c h e c k   t h e   r a c e   s c h e d u l e s !!!   and start plotting.

I probably had too much blahs already.  Let’s just get this started.  I’m set to go back to the heavenly feeling of working out consistently and consciously, and yes, I plan (dream) to come out FASTER!

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